Saturday, April 11, 2009

As the Creek Churns

I've come to the realization that my life is a soap opera. And I'm not even the star...just some "B" character actor in the role of "Nosy Neighbor Lady." What brought me to this conclusion??? I've stumbled on no less that three, three, affairs going on at the creek in less than a weeks time!

Like Sands on the Shoreline...

For ages, I've seen this nice gentleman and his lady walking arm in arm with their two dogs. They are together every morning and I've often stopped to chat with them. It is very clear they adore each other. I thought it wonderful that people in their sixties could still be in love...until I was hiking with the other rottie mom on a gorgeous weekend morning and we both noticed the man was with a different woman. But first we noticed one of his dogs was missing. As we were both about to ask, he interrupted us.

"I'd like you to meet my wife, ____________."

We both stood there looking at him and then her. I know the poor woman had to think we were the rudest women. We couldn't get away fast enough to contain our laughter.

The Biker & the Beautiful...

I've known a beautiful young woman in-the-girl-next-door kinda away (as opposed to L.A. beautiful: fake and plastic) since I started hiking the creek. She has a medical condition that prevents her from she hikes. She hikes for miles and miles, cell phone on her hip and dog at her side. She hikes morning, noon and night.

I quite enjoy her company the many times we've run into one another on the trail. And I know many things about her. She lives with her parents and her disabled husband. I know she adores her dog.

Last weekend, the hiking buddy and I ran into each other on the trail. We both noticed a man in his fifties that we both assumed was homeless. He was hanging out at the end of the levee, holding on to his beat up bicycle. HB thought this was strange but I thought he must be waiting for all us day hikers to leave so he could bed down for the night. Only when we circled back, I noticed him talking to the beautiful girl.

That alone is not unusual. She, like me, knows most all the homeless in the creek. We both talk to them, ask how they are doing, etc. Except, I started seeing them together every day. Once, driving by, I saw her leaving the creek with him and his bike but her dog was no where in sight! She never hikes without her dog!

So, nosy neighbor lady that I am, it was killing me to not know. But he was always by her side. But, one day, he was tossing a ball for the dog. I sent Mabel in to keep them busy and I asked her, "Why are you always with him?"

"I've been seeing him."

"Isn't he homeless?"

"NO, he's not."

"And what about your husband?"

"He doesn't matter."

And then the biker guy was with us.... no more info.

The Young & the Raunchy...

As I was pondering all these events today, I noticed a pick up turn in to the street where I park. It was a dead ringer for the hiking buddy's truck so I waited a bit, thinking the dogs were giving her trouble and that was why she parked so far down the street. The truck sat and we left to hike.

It was still parked there when we returned to the jeep to go home. As we pulled down the street to turn onto the main road, another car pulled in and parked behind that truck. As the car parked a young man in biker attire got out (Uh, Harley, not Schwinn). A young woman in a business suit emerged from the car. She ran to the man who had been waiting there, on the edge of the wilderness for over an hour. She lept into his arms, wrapping her panty-hosed legs around him as he spun and pushed up against the driver's side door of the truck.

Most certainly another affair for the neighbor lady to investigate.

{SIGH} If only my own life were so interesting....


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, "why don't I get to see stuff like that?" You're lucky!

I like your titles-life really is a soap opera!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You live in my neighborhood! I always call mine Knotts Landing.

I swear we've had 2 different husband swaps (yes... within the neighborhood.... one couple breaks up then one of them has an affair with one of the other neighbors, causing them to split up!)

It's CRAZY. And other neighbors I KNOW well are having flings. I see all these people ALL the time and they're always with other people.

I laugh that their drama made my own divorce look rather mundane. I'm the one everyone feels sorry for. I'm glad not to wear the Scarlett letter!!!

(I posted this anonymously lest someone figure out where I live and find out who's hooking up with whom. I'll send you a facebook message letting you know who I am if you haven't guessed already by the fact that I talk endlessly!) ;) said...

I just can't watch..
its like watching a train-wreck..
toooo much drama..
I think I'd prob quit hiking for awhile :)
mona & the girls

Cheryl Ann said...

Hey, I'm going to HAVE to start hiking! Who knows what gossip I've been missing???