Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yes, I'm Aware I'm Quirky

I was discussing my "job gettin' outfit" with Kat today and was suddenly panicking over shoes. With my foot issues, there's only so many brands I can wear and about the only dress shoe I can stay in all day is made by Dansko.

They have online stores and their shoe beds are the same from shoe to shoe with only about three beds in their line, so I pretty much know how they fit and can make a decision without trying them on. But... I have an interview this Friday.

I find a pair I like and go to buy them with Kat on the phone. Just as I'm about to put the pair in my cart, I freak.

CH: Oh Crap! Why does this company have to name their shoes after women?

Kat: (Laughter...she already knows where this is going...)

CH: If I've had a bad experience with a woman with the same name... I can't buy the shoes!

Kat: OK, what's the name?

CH: Neve

Kat: We don't know anyone named Neve.

CH: Neve Campbell

Kat: Why is that name familiar?

CH: That god awful actress from "Party of Five."

Kat: But we don't know her... it's o.k. buy your shoes.

CH: But she squints when she says her lines.

Kat: And that affects your nice pair of shoes how?

CH: Oh, it will jinx my interview... I'll squint my way through it, I'm sure.

Kat: I love you're quirks but don't you think....

CH: NO! They will jinx me!

So, I'm digging through my closet in hopes of finding a dress shoe in time to hem my pants for my interview. Some days, it's hard being a quirky girl.

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Anonymous said...

I completely understand! The wrong name can turn me off buying shoes, or anything else where the style has a name.