Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bittids - Inauguration Related

It certainly has been an exciting day for our country and, it would seem, the world at large. We have so many hopes for this president and I do pray for better days for all of us.

No Prayer for Me
Speaking of praying, I was quite upset at the choice of Rick Warren to say the invocation and was rather shocked to see yet another controversial minister associated with Barack Obama. For those of you that don't follow California politics, Rick Warren was one of the minsters behind Prop 8, making it illegal for gays to marry. Another minister that espouses hate and bigotry... I'm think the administration needs a "Minister Choosing Committee" for all public functions.

I turned the t.v. off and had the BFF phone when Warren was done.

How Do They Move that Fast?
I have been obsessed in recent weeks with how someone moves and starts such a huge demanding job. Moving is one of the most stressful things I've ever done and it took me a year to unpack after moving here! Not only that... there's the whole issue of what to take and what to leave behind.

When you know you are only going to live in a place for as little as four years, you probably leave quite a few things behind. But most presidents seem to get in for a second term. Eight years... that's almost a decade. I would want every creature comfort or hobby item or book I own with me.

Luckily, Good Morning America ran a video over the weekend about how the White House staff moves one president in and one out. It was fascinating, especially considering they do it in five hours!!!! Almost 100 people move the Bush family out, repaint and then completely unpack the Obamas! They even put favorite stuffed animals out for the girls, a favorite book on the nightstand of the president... they have extensive notes about how the Obamas live and like their belongings. And I'm still amazed that all this gets done in five hours!

How Will He Sleep?
I can never get to sleep my first night in a strange place. I know many others suffer from this although I don't know if President Obama does. But, think about it. There are performers that cannot "come down" after being in front of an audience. Obama spoke before millions... add in the t.v. audience and the number shoots way higher. He was in a parade. He even worked a bit. He and his family moved today after moving twice in the past month. And tomorrow, he starts one of the hardest jobs in the world at a most difficult period. How the hell is that man going to sleep at all???

Change Indeed???
Right after the Inaugural Address, I got three orders. I haven't had three orders on one day in months! And they were decent... not the petty five dollars here and ten there that have been trickling in! This is my best financial day in months!

Excited, I called the BFF. They got orders today too. And, she's always checking the dollar to the Euro because her mom lives part of the year in Hungary. She reports the dollar is much stronger!
Now, that's some good change!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got orders! That's an encouraging sign.

I was also wondering how the Obamas would sleep last night, after all the events of the day plus the party at night. He should know it's a "work night" and he has to go to work in the morning!

I'm sure that with all the movers, they could bring every last bit they wanted from their old home.

Laume said...

Hi - just bouncing through with the OWOH crowd. I also thought Warren's prayer was the most uncomfortable spot in the inauguration. I thought Rev. Lowry, who gave the Benediction at the end, though, was adorable. I just wanted to hug him like a grandpa. A friendsaid "he knew he was old enough to get away it", meaning with his little ditty at the end. It was all great. Happy Day!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...


Yes, I agree, Rev. Lory was wonderful! Thanks for stopping by. I'm SLOWLY checking out all the OWOH blogs! Amazing set of talented people!