Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blowing on My Last Nerve

The wind has been relentless for two days straight. It normally lets up just before sundown, but not yesterday. I bundled up my head berka style to keep the wind out of my ears and added sunglasses to keep the sand out of my eyes before my hike. Of course, the Santa Ana's bring heat so the rest of my hiking outfit consisted of summer-weight pj pants and and a tank. Just as we arrived, we ran into our Rhodie pack. Hiking Buddy had on a similar outfit with bandannas for face protection along with huge Jackie O sunglasses so dark she could barely see out of them in the late afternoon light.

It was rough going and the dogs seemed a bit intimidated by the huge gusts. By the end of it, my lips were parched and I felt like I could sand wood with my palms.

Once sundown came, the wind intensified and made for a frightful night. I hardly slept and neither did Mabel. You could hear sand / pebbles / leaves hitting the window above the bed. And the back porch awning made horrible noises all night long.

I always find the Santa Ana's so unnerving. Carmon wrote once that her horses become frightened and head up the mountain in high wind because they are not certain if that predator they smell is miles away or a few feet from them. I sometimes feel the same way... confused but certain danger is imminent.

I feel crazy, off-balance, edgy and unsure. And after five days and one relentless night, I'm exhausted.


Linda@VS said...

Wow, that's some serious wind! I had no idea the Santa Ana winds would blow for days in one place; I've always assumed they would move on through, the way hurricane winds do. No wonder you're tired of it. You and Mabel carry rocks in your pockets when you go out hiking, okay?

Anonymous said...

I'd wear swim goggles to protect my eyes!

I can imagine how that constant wind would drive people crazy. Stay sane!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh Velvet, We've had storms that last for five days straight with small windows of light wind. That's why our fires can get so bad.

Janet, It was calm and wonderful yesterday but it started up around 3 am (Friday) morning. I was already awake with Mabel (tummy ache - she needed her tummy rubbed). The wind makes it so hard to fall asleep.

Know that, while it is warm here, the winds come with that warmth.