Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where There's Smoke

The fire Sylmar fire was just over the mountain from last month's Marek Wildfire. Luckily, the winds were blowing toward the Southwest, away from me. Still, when the wind shifted, you could smell it.

View of the smoke blowing away from the valley. Note how blue the sky is.

As I drove through downtown toward my lampwork classes in Redondo Beach, you could see the smoke hovering over the city. No more blue sky here.

The winds blew the smoke to our normally cool, clear and breezy beaches. This was taken at 1 p.m. outside The Mandrel lampworking studio.

Ash rained down both Saturday and Sunday. This is the hood of a black car with ash all over it.

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Linda@VS said...

Wow! I'd be SO uncomfortablel knowing a big fire was close enough to create that much smoke and ash. I guess you must have to have a lot of confidence in your firefighters.