Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day - Excited, Appalled, Sad & Pissed

I must say it was truly exciting to see lines of people out the door of the polling place across the street from my house. My own polling place - thanks to the lines of democracy drawn down the middle of th streets around here, I vote a block from my BFF's house and she votes across the street from me - was moved from the cramped choir practice room to a large auditorium. There were more poll workers than I've ever seen, including two teenagers too young to vote.

Outside, an immigrant voting for the first time posed in front of the auditorium and flag for his young daughter to take his picture. Ah, if we were only so patriotic.

In spite of the "record" turnout, the numbers that really have my attention are these: 37 / 32 / 29. Those are the percentages of registered voters from the Democratic / Republican / and Independent party that showed up to vote. Isn't that sad? How can you not care? How can you not see that this affects all of us? How can you be so cavalier with the voice people died to give you?

Election-wise, I feel like a loser all around. I don't think I've ever felt this way after an election. I was so caught up in prop 8. Sadly, it passed and I can only hope that we take this battle to the Supreme Court. It is nothing more than discrimination. And that can't be tolerated!

I was also suddenly aware that the Yes on 8 jerks were advertising on MY blogs! I became aware of it when I went over to Becky's Constant Crafter blog to comment and saw a huge banner! I emailed and ripped into her and then realized - she doesn't feel that way; I KNOW she doesn't. And then I remember google adsense and the box to allow political content. I raced to check my blog and right next to my No on 8 tirade, there was a Yes on 8 ad. Shaking with anger and not knowing where to turn off political content, I took the ads of this blog. I was even more shocked to find an ad on my BEAD political content there; why advertise there??? I took those down too and as I hit various websites and continued to see them, I started clicking. Why not cost the bigots some money???

Too bad the ads are not around today....

As for president, at least the year Ross Perot lost (Go Ross!), we still got Clinton and I could feel OK about that. I have so many fears about this guy that so many follow so blindly. Some rational, some not.

On the irrational side - please remember that I became a huge Obama opponent after his appearance on a Spanish radio program here - I fear he'll hang a huge Bienvenido sign at our Southern borders.

On the more rational side, I'm terrified of how he wants to pay for all his change. I somehow feel like I will be footing the bill.

And I have to wonder what all the masses that so adore him are going to think come summer when "change" really hasn't happened. It simply can't happen that fast and even he hinted at that in his acceptance speech last night.

And those of you that are so elated, please remember almost half of us more quiet voters are very sad and even afraid of what the future holds. Please don't rub your victory in our faces too much. Please, give us a little time to adjust.


I spoke to Mom this morning and she was happy at the defeat of several new taxes in Baton Rouge. There, they recently increased the values of homes in hopes that a new property tax bill aimed at homes valued over $100K would pass. It didn't. They also defeated a measure that would increase their sales tax - already one of the highest in the nation. (I am shocked each time I visit that they tax groceries there, something we don't do in expensive California.)

The bottom line is, everyone is feeling the pinch and I for one and sick of the way our politicians waste our hard earned money. I have less money coming in than ever. I'm living off savings - and very little of that is left. When I have less money, I cut down. I don't go beg for more! It's time politicians from city hall to the white house all learned, tighten the belt!


Becky said...

Holly: Sorry I haven't emailed you, I've been having extra long yoga sessions and frankly can hardly walk the 1/4 mile home each day. The first email had me wondering because you do know me so well. I was surprised to see it fail too.

As far as my feelings for Obama, I wouldn't wish to be in his shoes. The U.S. economy along with the world economy is going through some troubling times and I think we are in for a long ride. No one man can solve all of our problems. It will be interesting to see how people feel about him in four years.

I'm still irritated by all the senators that ran and spent their time campaigning instead of doing the job their state hired them to do. I wish we had an amendment stating that you cannot run for the Presidency while already holding a public office.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Becky, I've finally gone back to Yoga! I think my teacher is really impressed with my flexibility especially considering my weight! I'm one of the most flexible in class yet I can remember what my body was like when I was REALLY flexible. Weird!

Anyway, I agree on the time off. I really think you should have to resign to have another local politician or something fill in.