Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost Weekend

Several of you are aware I got really sick on Tuesday night. Along with all the stuff expelled from my body, so went my plans for the weekend. So here I sit on Sunday and my house is not clean. My laundry is still mountainous. The ingredients for cornbread dressing still sit on the floor of my dining room (except for the hen I never got around to buying). My sweet potatoes are in my oven...waiting for me to turn it on.

My other blog still has no new post. The new stamps aren't on the website. New beads never got made. The pool didn't get cleaned and my third shrub is still waiting for me to plant it.

My goals were lofty and numerous and while I didn't expect to get them all done, I certainly didn't think NONE of them would be accomplished.

The lingering side effect of the violent virus I had was a pounding headache. All I've done for days on end is sleep. While I felt the worst on Wednesday, it was blissful to be curled up in my warm house while the rain was pouring down outside.

I did venture out to the creek the past few days and, last night, I got a massage to work out the kinks and soreness from being sick. And then, I slept again.

So I guess I'm well rested and that's quite an accomplishment for me!


Linda@VS said...

You did manage to have a new blog post every single day for the entire month of November, which is quite an accomplishment in itself. It was also an important motivator for me.

I hope you stay well now.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick! I remember the one time in my adult life that I had the flu, my head hurt so bad I thought I had meningitis and I was afraid I would die and no one would find me for weeks...that was when I lived in a little trailer on some land in Texas. Glad you are starting to feel better but be careful, it can take a while to get your strength back. Carmon

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're over it! That was one nasty bout.