Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm faced with some heady choices today. I'm still really tired from being on my bad, pathetic feet all weekend and I have to teach tonight.

Since I was dealing with ebay / Paypal issues all morning and have wasted more time with them than the sale was worth, I'm still pulling beads and tools and supplies for my cab wrapping students. And I'm tired.

I'm still packing up a few orders that came in over the weekend and prepping some bead trays to take to a customer tomorrow. And I'm so freaking tired.

So it's down to take a shower before class, take a nap or write my daily blog post. As my head is bobbing while I type, I'm thinking I should've drug the computer over to the bird bath that I can hear flowing right outside the shop door and taken care of all three issues at once.

Sorry for such a crappy post!


Linda@VS said...

Hey, you posted something. That's what counts. Now, get some rest and dream sweet dreams.

Becky said...

Hey Holly: How was the class? Isn't it exhausting. Can't wait to see what you learned!!

Anonymous said...

wouldn't the water make you have to pee instead?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, this is quite the chore. Still, I'm glad I tried this and I've decided it is more like an every two year adventure...Can't do this every year for sure!

Becky, I'll post on the bead blog eventually...Did you see Sunday's post??? That was the owner's pup.

Janet, I was going to take a bird bath, not drink it! LOL!

Duly Inspired said...

Hey, the multi-tasking was a great idea!!! Soon enough, we'll have underwater computers... ;-)