Friday, November 07, 2008

At Least I Feel Better...

A reader on Velvet's blog wrote about the website I was shocked that they requested people to fill in a form with their vision for the government. And while I doubt my tiny voice will make a dent and all the President-elect Obama has to do (I certainly feel like there is more pressure on him to get the ball rolling way faster than any other newly elected president in my memory!), it made me feel better for writing it.


Right now, my business is failing. I'm looking for work and even though I have a ton of skills, there are no decent paying jobs OR I'm literally one of hundreds applying.

The thing that scares me is our government wanting more and more of MY money. This is happening on a local, state and probably national level. When things are tight and I have little coming in, I have to cut back. That's what I expect of my government. Don't come asking for more when I don't have more to give.

The other thing that bugs me is our elected officials filling bills with more and more pork. A bill should be about one thing. If you need to send some money for some local pet project, fine; but make it a stand alone bill.

Re: the war. I don't think we should pull out IF it's going to leave egg on our face or leave us open for future attacks. We promised the Iraqi people we would be there for them in Gulf I, and we weren't. What have we promised them now that we can't deliver?

Finally, you folks in Washington have GOT to start dealing with our open border policy! ILLegal aliens affect EVERY social aspect of American life: Jobs, Hospitals closing, identity theft, & declining / overcrowded schools. My godson had to go to a private school in first grade because we spoke English! Imagine that in America? We had to pay for private school because we spoke the native tongue! That's a disgrace!

I can't imagine anyone is actually going to read this but I'm praying for a stronger, more successful America under Obama.

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