Sunday, December 09, 2007

When Trees Talk

I had an amazing experience in the creek today. Mabel Lou and I were over in the runoff admiring how big our flock of mallards has gotten lately (40+). The weather had been terribly windy - 70 mph gusts - since around 4 in the morning. We had snoozed most of the day away before our late afternoon romp.

I was trying to cross a newly washed out ravine and hanging onto a eucalyptus trunk for balance, when I had a thought that the trees were "talking."

Nah...couldn't be. But I heard it again. And Mabel was now staring up. It must be a chipmunk or a squirrel. I arched my back and scanned the three trees that were clustered there, looking for this critter that whined then chuck-chuck-chucked. I moved to the center tree and felt the noise but still couldn't see what was causing it. I moved to the third tree and after staring upwards, I realized the center tree had a long branch that had grown around a large branch on this tree. And when the wind blew, it made this amazing sound. I stood there listening for the longest time.

Mabel took off as we returned to the jeep. As I started to fuss her, I realize she's stopped by a familiar truck. The Rhodies were somewhere in the creek. We start back in and run into them immediately and decided to hike some more.

As I relayed my talking tree tale, their mom, an artist who really "gets" me asked, "Were you aware that trees talked before?"


"More importantly, did you understand what they were saying?"

"No. I don't speak their language...yet."

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Janet said...

You'll have to go back and listen and try to figure out what they're talking about. I think it might be something like, "don't let your dog pee on me!". ;-)

Seriously though, I've read that plants do "talk", so it's not as unbelievable as it sounds. Then again, it could just be the effect of the wind on the limbs.

Annie said...

Your story of the talking tree has cast a charm on me today, Creekhiker. I must go outside and listen to the trees in my neighborhood.

I was wondering if you would be willing to share your pattern for the knitted (or was it crocheted?) beaded bracelet (or was it a necklace?)?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I went back and listened again. It wasn't windy but you can bet I'm going to pay attention now.

Annie, They are quite magical. Do you have poplars??? They sound like the ocean to me. I love to stare and figure out which section of the tree is making which sound.

I will email you about the bead crochet or... I may post. I have another project that's coming out really nice!

Linda@VS said...

I haven't thought about talking trees, but I like the idea. Don't you know some of those old ones would have some great stories to tell?