Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mind Otherwise Engaged

So I hopped out of the shower and went about getting my freshly laundered hair under control. I have thick, auburn, shoulder - length curls and more than enough hair for two people. It basically looks better dirty so I have to "dirty it up" after shampooing. First the hair honey, made for African American hair - my curls, if twisted tightly will stay in place for a few hours by themselves... great for when I'm too hot and too busy to come in from the shop and put my hair up.

Next, leave-in conditioner followed by mouse and, if it's been a really bad hair period, gel.

So I finished the hair chores and got my unmetionables on and piled a big dollop of mandarin mango body lotion in the palm of my left hand and...my mind took a detour:

Where did that little paint pot come from? Must've been in that mini travel kit I unpacked weeks ago. That looks just like the paint pots we used in class this weekend...no, it's made better! It's far easier to open. I wonder who makes these? Oh, look! They're right in Van Nuys! Maybe I could drive by and see if they have the bottles we've been looking for to put sanding sugars in... that would be great to buy them locally and see what I'm getting...OH! What WAS I doing?

I came back to the task at hand - putting lotion on my winter dry skin only... Where is the lotion? I KNOW I put some - a lot - in my hand. I checked my skin... no, still too dry and kinda itchy. Then I looked in the mirror. There were tale tell streaks of peach in my HAIR! I had put the lotion in my hair! And there was no time to take another shower.

The sad part is that I actually resent my mind... it gets to go on little mental trips and My body never gets a vacation!


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Annie said...

Your hair sounds like my hair.

And your mind sounds like my mind.

Both wild and wooly.

Janet said...

Oh, I understand completely! That's how I walk into doorways and why I forget what I came into a room for. I once told my mom that my brain is like a pinball machine-it keeps bouncing from one thought to another.

I bet your hair was peachy all day! ;-)

Linda@VS said...

Having seen your pretty auburn curls in person, I doubt that the body lotion could have made your hair look too bad.

I've done absent-minded hair things, too, such as wet my hair in the shower, put conditioner on it, rinse, step out and dry off and only THEN realize I'd left out the shampoo and lather parts of the routine.