Sunday, August 19, 2007

Overheard on the Trail at Dusk

Creekhiker (squealing like a toddler): Oh, OOOOooo OOHH!

Hiking Buddy {HB}: What? What is it?

CH: Sa sa sn SNAKE!

HB: Where?



CH: COILED TO THE RIGHT OF THE TRAIL! IT'S A DIAMOND BACK!! And Hank just stepped on it!!!

HB: It's OK... just go around it.

CH: But it's COILED!

HB: The dogs have stepped on it at least three times... just go around it!

Minutes later, well past the snake:

HB: Boy, that freaked you out!

CH: Yes! I HATE snakes! I thought about dropping this 10 lb. rock on it but I knew you really wanted it for your rock wall.

HB: Dropping a rock on it! YOU DON'T DROP A HUGE ROCK ON SNAKE! You throw pebbles at them to let them know which way you want them to go but you don't drop a rock on it!

CH: I do! The way I want it go is DEAD!

HB: DEAD?!?!?!?

CH: Dead. The only good snake is a dead snake in my book.


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Annie said...

Ah, CH, I bet that snake doesn't harbor thoughts about you like that.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, I've been terrified of snakes since I was about 8 and in a boat in some Louisiana swamp and a snake "jumped" in the boat with us! I was ready to walk on water!

Anonymous said...

I agree with CH! I don't care how good they are for the garden. DEAD is good.

Anonymous said...

amen! I know snakes have a place in nature, but the poisonous ones need to go!