Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Creekhiker + 1 Old Friend = Lots of Stupid

Well, I dropped my college roommate off at LAX this morning in prime "rush" hour traffic. As I sat on the freeway headed home, I pondered the 21 years since we lived together.

Some things have changed: we're both older and a little worse for the wear. Some things havn't: I can still get ready in a fraction of the time it takes her to do whatever it is she does to go ... anywhere. She couldn't even go out to my little dive of a neighborhood breakfast joint to sit on a picnic bench in the damp morning air without curling her hair.

We still talk to each other in silly voices and we still laugh a lot. My best friend Barb tells me I haven't looked so happy in years. It was a great visit and I'm amazed at all the stupid things I've done this past week! A few of the highlights:

I forgot to feed Mabel! The first morning my guest was here, I got up early to head to the creek. She was awake when we came home and we got busy and left. Poor Mabel! After that, my friend made it her job to feed Mabel. Needless to say, Mabel is pouting now that her new friend is gone.
My car died mid trip in spite of me putting her in the shop for a tuneup two weeks ago. The catalytic converter had gone bad. Knowing I had to get my friend to San Diego for her high school reunion, I needed a car. Just goofing around, I went on Priceline and offered a stupid amount of money for a couple of days, certain we would not get a car. We did. Only we needed the car longer than that... which meant we had to trade rental cars and juggle things a bit, which was frustrating.

In the turmoil of getting my friend to the airport this morning, getting the rental back on time, I had her take my gas card for Costco out of my purse and I placed it under my thigh. I do this as I'm about to buy gas to save time. Only, we were going to the airport first and I was wearing shorts. Yep, the card stuck to my thigh and dropped somewhere on the pavement outside Terminal 5. So I had to come home and cancel my credit card.

And the dumbest thing of all - I got my first burn on the torch! My friend wanted me to make her some beads - I made one of my prettiest hearts ever for her. I had pulled a green rod to make her a Christmas light. I stuck the thing in the flame and something caught my eye. I have a coding system that I mark on my rods to know what kind of glass they are and realized my numbers were in the flame. I quickly turned the rod around and stuck the other end in the flame, melted the glass and started my bead. As I went to lay the rod down, my hand was at an awkward angle. The way I remedy this is I stick the rod under my arm, rearrange my hand and then lay the rod down. Yep... I have a burn in my armpit! To make matters worse, it was the first time ever I wore a tank top while working!

I was really cool about it... after I threw the rod across the table. I kept my bead in the flame, grabbed a handful of ice from my water cup and shoved it in my armpit. I didn't even look at it til after I finished the bead!

Since my friend in on her way back to Mississippi, maybe my mental faculties will soon return. Let's hope...


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time, Holly, minus the burn. Hope that is healing. And that Mable is getting fed!

Becky said...

Hey Girl:

Where are all those gorgeous beads on hollysfollys.com??? I'm so jealous. My torch is sitting in Minnesota gathering dust.

I never had a torch burn but I can only imagine how much that must hurt. Just thinking about a burn from my iron makes me wince.

Hey, we may be getting our first typhoon this weekend. I've never been in a hurricane before so it should be interesting if it does hit South Korea. It's all over the television here even though it is in Korean, I can understand the weather maps they show.

Annie said...

You got even with Mabel and then you paid for your guilt? Okay, I'll quit psychoanalyzing here and just say that I'm sorry you lost your credit card and burned your armpit. Those things are both such horrible distractions.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to imagine what the emergency room people would think if you walked in with a burn in your armpit and told them what happened. "yeah, right."

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Luckily my friend is a nurse. She took good care of me.

Anonymous said...

any blisters? It must be painful, poor you.