Thursday, August 16, 2007

Open Letter to Tony Cardenas

Dear Bloggers,

My small community won a tiny victory (for now) in our huge battle against Home Crapot. The City revoked the permit until an Environmental Impact report can be prepared showing the stores effect on our one road town and a location surrounded on three sides by residential housing. If interested, there's more info HERE.

What I find interesting is that Tony Cardenas was the one holdout in favor of Home Crapot. He is a man who once ran for office against our amazing City Councilperson - they were both running for the post at the same time.

I must admit, I voted for him. I had gone to several functions here in town and ... ok, ALL politicians LIE ... but he would stay for hours, talking, asking about our concerns. That impressed me. Wendy Greuel won. No big deal. Who cares? Really, what does the City Council do for us anyway - raise our garbage taxes?

I've never been so glad to be wrong. Wendy has done so much for our town. She's listened, appeared at every meeting and carried our torch. It is because of her we celebrate today.

Tony, however, hungry for political power went to another district and got elected there. Very smarmy move. And he is the only one to vote against the people yesterday. And now that I see his true colors, I want to post the letter I wrote to him today so future voters can see for all perpetuity - and know what kind of man he is.

Dear Tony Cardenas,

Well, I guess you showed your true colors. I can't believe I supported you when you ran against Wendy! We would probably have a Home Crapot open here by now if you represented us. I pity your poor constituents... what big business will you allow to rape that community?

More importantly, was it worth it? Hope you got paid well for your one lone vote.

Now, everyone in L.A. knows you can be bought and sold... I'll never make the mistake of voting for you in any office ever again. In fact, I'll donate to your competition.

Hope you can still sleep well,
Former supporter and resident of S/T


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Annie said...

There's a strong political streak in you, Creekhiker. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

You should run for council in the next election!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, Actually, I'm one of the LEAST political people I know. I turn off the t.v. / radio when the pols come on, spouting lies.

Janet: Me and what bank?