Thursday, February 01, 2007

Much Ado

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With all the excitement about the bomb scare in Boston and other cities- two men placed light boxes around several cities as part of a Cartoon Network promotion - has me chuckling. Our local yocal p.d. actually blew up one of the boxes.

One of the basic tenets of production is verify your location. And rule one of that would be: do you have permission to be there? These idiots had to know this would cause such a commotion in a post 9/11 world. It reminds of a story from my film school days...

Three guys decided to make a freshman film about a bank robbery. (Are you laughing yet?) USM has a widely publicized film department in a small, supportive community. I NEVER had any problem getting someone to give me a location during my four years there. But these guys go to a bank, two of them don masks and grab toy guns while the other gets out a camera.

The guard sees them coming and...locks the doors! It was only then that these geniuses realize that maybe they should've talked to somebody at the bank first.

So, now they're all scared and jump into their car. The guard calls the FBI and there's a freeway chase complete with helicopters. (This was the early 80s - back when people used to stop when a lawman flashed his pretty red / blue lights.) The three would - be filmmakers were all arrested.

In the end, my professor had to go to court and testify. The prosecutor asked if the professor thought the kids should be charged with bank robbery. My professor said no.

"Well then, what do you think the appropriate charge should be?"

To which my teacher replied, "Certainly not bank robbery... maybe practicing stupidity without a license."


Anonymous said...

Heard about this on the news. Glad it turned out well.
Great story about the 'robbers' - thanks for the chuckles. It reminded me of those stories you read about the 'stupid' criminals - like the ones that drop their billfolds while busy commiting crimes.

Sunflower Optimism said...

That's what I would have charged them with! LOL

The idiots in Boston were truly idiots. How could they be so unaware??? Maybe the extra publicity played right into their hands - only excuse I can think of.