Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just the facts - Bead update

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For those of you who were following along on this post, here's an update and I'll just let the facts speak for themselves.

Jan. 8 - Confirmed beads available, ordered beads & paid for beads.
Jan 19 - 20 - sent several emails to different email addys, phoned skype # and left messages.
Jan 22 - ready to file a claim with Paypal, noticed different phone # and called. Chatted with beadmaker for a bit. She explained she had no money to pay for postage and promised to priority mail the next day.
Feb. 1 - Filed claim with paypal. Published blog.
Feb. 2 - Beads postmarked and mailed.
Feb. 3 - Received refund from beadmaker through Paypal.
Feb. 6 - Beads Arrive???!!!???!!! Working 16 hour days.
Feb. 13 - Purchase postal money order and mailed it to pay for beads.

The end.


Sunflower Optimism said...

You win Holly! I was waiting to see what would happen first - you getting the beads (or money back), me getting my microwave lightbulb or hell freezing over, LOL.

Please show us what you make with them!

Linda@VS said...

Do you think maybe recordkeeping isn't her strong suit?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Sunflower, This is NOTHING compared to YOUR microwave!

Velvet, DUH! I have a friend who is a psychiatric social worker and she tells me the record keeping is impossible for someone in her condition. I still think, if I knew this about myself, I would hire someone to keep me on track.

Anyway, lesson learned; movin' on!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your beads, Holly. I just waited two weeks to receive an 'overnight' package of charms! My order was sent first, to the wrong person - next to my address at home, and then by regular post to my home in Wash. - instead of here in Arizona. The last time I called, I informed 'Miss Customer Service' - that she WASN'T, and that I would be going through her state on my way home and if she screwed my order up again and it didn't arrive overnight - that I was going to come looking for her!
(Lest you think I'm really tough - I was laughing when I said all this!)As you said, "movin'on".