Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Everybody's Talking About...

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Anna Nicole. It just amazes me that so many are obsessed with someone whose proverbial 15 minutes should have expired a decade ago. I mean, we're at war. Politicians are already developing platforms for next year's election...Isn't there anything more important to obsess over??

That being said, I'll keep my two cents brief.

I feel so sorry for that baby. I've always said my number one question for God is, "How do you decide who you give children to?"

That child did not ask to be born into this chaos. I pray that whomever she ends up with loves her and not the moolah. I sincerely hope she finds some peace and calm in this life.

And as for her mother, Dorothy Parker summed it up best:

You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think.


Linda@VS said...

I never liked to watch Anna Nicole because her behavior was so raunchy and obnoxious, but at the same time, I always felt sorry for her. She always seemed so desperately needy, and I thought it must be really sad to feel that way. Although I've never lost a child, her grief over her son's death helped me relate to her on a level I could understand, and she seemed more human than ever before. It's so sad to see someone end up like Anna did--in her life and in her death.

I agree with you about the baby. I hope somehow she can have a normal life, but at this point the cards seem stacked against it.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Yes, I feel sorry for the baby - but boy what a circus her mom wove.

I don't understand why so many are absorbed with these non-news people - the OJ and Michael Jackson trials had folks riveted for week. Get a life already!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, That is the very reason I couldn't watch her. And I, too, felt so sorry for her.

Sunflower, I agree. Although, living here in LA, it was hard not to be absorbed by OJ. I remember going to a wedding rehearsal the night of the great freeway chase... what a trial that was!

Anonymous said...

Holly, I'll never understand what constitutes 'news'...but you know, if everyone wasn't watching...it wouldn't be on there. I don't understand the fascination either. Now ANOTHER possible father has come out of the wood work - will that poor baby have to know about this whole circus some day? How sad.