Friday, December 29, 2006


*I have an acquaintance from the creek who is moving to the South. Her
husband, a rare native Californian, has a deep fear that no one will
have teeth. I have done my best to assure him that many people in the South care about dental hygiene and do in fact have teeth.

I thought I was been forced to eat my words when I got off the plane in
New Orleans. The first six people I saw... yep, no teeth.

*Mabel Lou is a very jealous girl. But she really shocked us all two days ago. I was feeling very under the weather... probably a combination of Mom's attitude and the fact that she really has no clue how to operate her wood burning stove and her house was filled with smoke... Anyway, Mabel & I trekked to the drug store for some sinus meds and decided to check on my nephew, Bailey - a corgi, who was home alone.

He had thrown up in his kennel and pee was everywhere. So I called mom and asked if it was OK to bring him home with us (not taking any chances on making her any madder.). When we got to her house, I was horrified to find a blood vessel had burst in her eye. The white of her eye was entirely red. I freaked and tried to reach a college buddy who is a nurse. When that failed, I decided to drive back to my sisters and jump on the Internet. Turns out this is rather common and nothing can be done.

While I was gone, Mother gathered Bailey into her lap to rock him. Miss Mabel - who is very "pawsy" - reached up and slapped him! Then did it again and again! She made it clear that Granny belonged to her and no one else. Mom had to put Bailey down because Mabel was so upset. Mabel really loves Bailey but we now know where she draws the line.

* Sometimes I fear I am becoming my own miserable mother. She is so quick to speak out and so am I. Last night, my college room-mate (the nurse) drove down from Poplarville, MS to visit and we went to Sonny's Barbeque for a little quiet time away from my mom. As soon as we parked, a guy in a Mercedes pulls into the handicapped spot. No placard, no symbol on his plates.

Not only did I feel and uncontrollable urge to give him my best "Smith Look" (I come from a long line of people who have a very jarring death stare.) I proceeded to tell him he was evil and that I sincerely hoped he would actually need a handicapped spot one day may there always be someone like him parked there.

Just why do I feel the need to confront??? And why do I think it's better to say something than just stuff it???


Linda@VS said...

I enjoyed these "tidbits," Holly, albeit at your expense.;-)

My Kadi is jealous like Mabel. She can be lying on the rug, totally contented, but if she sees one of the other dogs looking like they're thinking about jumping up on the sofa--next to me--she races to get there first. When I was holding Kim's Yorkie, Winston, in my lap one day, Kadi walked over and surveyed the situation, then stuck her nose under Winston and flipped him off my lap and onto the floor.

Regarding the need to confront, I feel that need, too. I just don't usually have the guts to follow through on the feeling.

Linda@VS said...

Me again, Holly, just dropping by to wish you a wonderful new year. Have a safe trip back to California.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, Thanks so much. We leave Wednesday night and I plan to be in the creek at the crack of dawn on Thursday.