Monday, January 01, 2007

Velvet & Denim

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I had two New Year's last night: one fancy and one down-home style. First I got all dressed up in a Velvet pantsuit and headed to one of the casinos with Mom for a really nice dinner. We had seats overlooking the Mississippi at sunset and feasted on boiled shrimp, Alaskan crab legs and the most succulent Louisiana style marinated crab claws.

My sis and BIL picked me up and we headed out to Watson to my cousin's house. He had shrimp and corn soup, creyfish, pork roast, beer braised hen, and lots of other munchies. I changed into jeans, my coat, hat and gloves and we built a huge fire in his driveway. We bought a bunch of fireworks and watched the kids race about having a great time. My little cousin yelled "Happy New Year!" at every passing car. The adults took bets on which of the three kids would not make it til the new year. I bet on the youngest...the last new year I spent with them - 2005 - he dropped right smack in the front yard at 11:40 p.m. We just threw a blanket over him and woke him up at midnight. But this year, it was his older sister that faded. She went to sleep in our aunt's lap. All that well-wishing to passing cars must have sapped her strength.

It was great fun being with my cousin and sister. The three of us have been a real source of strength for each other - even though my sister is much older than my cousin and I. It brought back some great memories of all of us camping throughout my childhood.

All in all, a very pleasant evening. And Mom? She phoned from the casino at 7 this morning... she had just hit a jackpot. So maybe she'll be a little happier for a few days at least.

Best wishes for a joyful 2007 to all of you!

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Linda@VS said...

Now, that's the way to double your pleasure, Holly. Sounds like you and your mom both started the new year with a bang. I'm glad you had a good time.