Monday, December 04, 2006

Scrooge Lives Here

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I am my own neighborhood Scrooge. Not that I'm cheap or selfish or don't want others to enjoy Christmas. I just don't decorate.

In my old neighborhood, that would not have been a problem. But add to the lengthy list of things the previous owner of this house did not tell me: I live on freaking Candy Cane Lane!

Every house around here doesn't merely decorate. They go over the top, trying to outdo each other. Lights hanging from every possible position, elaborate yard displays. There is a constant parade of traffic and pedestrians from Thanksgiving to New Years. Except in front of my house.

It's not that I don't want to decorate. I just have a litany of excuses. I'm not able to get on my roof or hang from a ladder. I don't know where my decorations even are. I work in my shop until 9 or 10, come home and fix something to eat and allow myself a few minutes of television only to find myself startled awake at midnight and needing to stumble off to just when would I plug in the yard display? Or turn it off?

Furthermore, I usually travel during Christmas and tend to stay gone for quite some time. If I start lighting my home and then suddenly stop, isn't that a fairly obvious invitation to theives??

Oddly enough, this is the first year I've wanted a tree in probably 10 years. My sister too. She already has hers up. We used to have such a large extended family full of kids - my sister and I never had any. But now those kids are all grown and it's just us four old foggies: Me, my sis, bro-in-law and mom. It seems like too much fuss for just us.

The need for a tree and some effort this holiday is probably due to my sister finding a new tumor in her back ( non-cancerous...but, it has a high sugar rating). So pretty soon, I will be in Baton Rouge and in charge of decorating Mom's house. We'll get out the tree and lights and tinsel and make it really warm and merry.

Just don't tell my neighbors. I have a reputation to uphold.


Sunflower Optimism said...

Did you ever read "Skipping Christmas," a little ditty by Grisham? Story takes place on "Candy Cane Lane" also, and main character decides he wants out of the insanity. Cute story.

I personally think a day working in a soup kitchen, or similar, would give the same "Christmas feeling" as putting up a tree. But I can't mess with tradition, my kids would keel over. Enjoy your decorating and family Christmas in BR!

KatieMc said...

If I see one of those inflatable nativity scenes or a blow-up Frosty, I'm getting my bb gun.