Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Pity Party Continues

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Don't worry, I'm not in too pitiful of a mood. Just frustrated and feeling small.

My cell phone, a Cingular Go phone, is no longer up to code with Cingular's equipment. So I must replace it. They offered a free one but, we have a new law taking effect that means we cannot use hand-held phones in the car. The free phone is not hands-free. Which means I have to buy a phone. And the phones I can find that are hands-free only work with month to month plans.

I really don't understand those... I have had my phone for two and a half years. It has cost me just over $200 TOTAL. I just don't know where people get all this money. I certainly don't have it and don't see the point in giving even more to the phone company just so I can feel safe driving around LA LA land in my old jeep.

So, 9 HOURS later, I bought a Blue Tooth Razor with head set for $200 bucks and still have to load it with minutes. But that's still about $500 less a year than most folks blow on a cell phone. Thank you T-Mobile and

My other source of frustration came a couple days ago in dealing with my Christmas travel plans to Baton Rouge. Since American flies Burbank to BR, I found a good deal online (heaven forbid I need to speak to a human for another $20 bucks!), bought the ticket and called up to reserve a spot down below for the fur-child.

I was absolutely shocked they no longer take dogs and kennels over 100lbs. The lady on the phone says this has been going on for "quite some time." Mabel flew American last Christmas and she's got the "wings" the ground crew left in her treat bag to prove it. (Maggie has several sets in her scrapbook.)

I spent another 8 hours calling every airline that flies from Burbank / LAX / Long Beach / Ontario to Baton Rouge / New Orleans / Jackson. Basically, if you have a big dog, you're screwed. Finally remembered my cousin always raved about the direct flight from LAX to New Orleans and called United. They are the ONLY airline willing to fly a big dog... for $200 each way. (Used to be $50).

The nice man at United explained it's both weight (over 100 lbs) and kennel size (series 500) that earns that ticket price. I bought my ticket ($300 + $20 "human fee"), made the $400 reservation for the pupster, and said a few choice words to the manager at American who didn't want to give me my money back.

All these phone calls and run-around just have me exhausted. I'm going to couch it and watch some t.v. while eating the delicious barbecue chicken pizza I have in the oven. After weeks of eighteen hour days, I need a night of nothin'.

Oh, I should mention that since Mabel had a series 400 kennel, I splurged and bought her the bigger one. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get her to go in it?

Have a restful evening.

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Linda@VS said...

Awww, Holly, I'm so sorry you had a day like this. Sometimes I think companies hire people specifically because of their skill at making things difficult for customers.

When are you leaving for Baton Rouge? Maybe Mabel will have time to get used to the new kennel between now and then if you put some of her favorite things in there (blanket, toys, treats) and leave her alone to go in on her own.

I hope today will be easier for you.