Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas update

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I've read a few posts tonight - all seem to be about the wonderful Christmases everyone has had - and it reminds of the thing I have prayed the most for since I was a little girl... a family that actually liked each other and hopefully, liked Christmas too.

My mother has been in exceptional "I hate the world" form and just making everyone miserable. If I had $400 bucks extra I would've been back in LA before Christmas. But I don't, so I'm sleeping a lot and trying to keep my head down.

I have no idea why she hates Christmas. My sister's theory is that mom is always alone and there are more parties and dances this time of year. But dang, it's been 40 years... Get over it already!

At times like this, I realize why I so desperately wanted children... to have an acceptable excuse to be elsewhere at Christmas. Alas, I think God knew what he was doing...this kind of dysfunction should not be passed on.

I do wish everyone a very Happy Holiday! Have some fun for me!!

P.S. Mabel seems to be the only one Mom isn't mad at...she's getting platefuls of roast and ham and turkey! I'm really afraid she may not fit into her kennel for the trip home!


Linda@VS said...

Holly, I'm so sorry you're not having a good visit. Maybe your mom is taking advantage of her captive audience. Do you have transportation so you can get out on your own for an hour or two to find a little breathing room?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...


Yes, I have a car but I just can't stay gone long enough! No matter what I do, she just stays mad. I really think old age is getting to her... One week to go...

Sunflower Optimism said...

Hey, CH - you didn't see any "happy" Christmas stories on my blog! LOL Let me see, where should I start? For Christmas we had over - my SIL who still isn't talking to me after a fight we had about four years ago (all the fault of her parents.) My MIL who is on oxygen, 24/7 and can't do much - other than complain to everyone about how miserable her life is and how she wishes she would just die. Not my brother, who is in the hospital for yet another suicide attempt. My dad who looks more frail every time I see him and refuses to take his meds as directed. The nieces and nephews are mostly fine, except for the two (see above, brother in hospital) who are into Goth with nephew left behind in school two grades, still in 7th, s/b in 9th and his mother won't do a thing to get him help. Then his sister, my niece, is 16 and hangs around with 21 yo guys - and my ex-SIL thinks this is perfectly ok!

Oh, dear, you can't make this stuff up. I know you are miserable - but your family isn't unusual. That is why God gave us friends, blogging pals - and dogs! Maybe a long walk with Mabel would help? Take it a day at a time - think of your creek and the hiking you will do when you get back :-)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh Sunflower, that is all I do! I lay in bed at night and picture the creek. It's so funny. If I say "creek" to Mabel, she normally gets all fired up. But now, if I say it, she just lays there... it's like she knows it's far, far away.

Good luck with your family, Sunflower. Happy New Year to all of us folks who just want to be happy!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh do I feel for you! This is exactly why my husband and I divorced our respective families. We do so much better with just us than dealing with all the 'stuff' that comes with our families. I hope you survive and get home soon to your walks with Mabel on the creek. Take care and wishing you a happier new year! Carmon