Thursday, January 15, 2015

The First Cuddle of the New Year

I've been "out of the nook" with Macy since Granny left. Her affections for me have regressed to when I brought her home. No kisses, no cuddles. Creekhiker is NOT a happy momma! She's no longer sleeping in her bed at the foot of her sofa. No, she now favors the one across the room from me.

Macy has shown some favoritism for Mom's chair. She's never sat there before, but I frequently find her in it now. It dawned on me that this all started when Mom left. Since I brought Granny home in the car and then took her away in the car... Does Macy assume that will happen to her???

I've been trying to be patient, thinking this too shall pass. But I'm a lonely girl... I get more hugs from my dog than I do from people... I'm fine with that - as long as said dog is affectionate!

Then out of the blue yesterday morning, she decided I was O.K. again and justlikethat, I was back in the nook! I got a cuddle and kisses and she was all lovey dovey!

She still has her weird things... She can't be petted too vigorously. She can't feel "cornered" while being petted. She doesn't do close very well.

Today, I was on the floor, next to her sofa. I had found her napping there and took the opportunity to love her up a bit. Petting her softly, cooing to her about how pretty and sweet I thought she was, sent her out the back door in a matter of seconds!

And I saw myself in my dog. I don't do compliments. I'm certain the person must be mistaken. And while my self esteem issues are a whole 'nother Oprah, I remembered that phrase, "You don't get the dog you want. You get the one you need."

I guess we both have a lot to learn.


Mark Muller said...

I would see that positive, you can learn together step by step now, like all good teams :o)

Millie and Walter said...

Maybe Macy Blue is missing your mom? She'll come around and allow your snuggles soon.

Sonja McClung said...

I think you two do need each other. I am happy that you found each other. Many people would not have the patience to work with her the way that you do. I think its a perfect match and that you will both grow together!

Dory and the Mama said...

I know Bilbo is very sensitive to change, I wonder if maybe she misses your Mom and is getting used to the change in routine since she left??

I'm sure she will get back into the swing of things real soon!

rottrover said...

All we can say is, "we love you Macy Blue!!" We really do, butt we understand how your standoffishness (big rottweiler word) could hurt your mom's feelings. Mom's are SO sensitive! Geez. We have to take care of them almost as much as they take care of us!!


Bart, Ruby and Otto

KB Bear said...

I'm really glad that she's warming back up to you. I found that in the early days with my very fearful Shyla, odd things would change her behavior a lot. Like having houseguests or having houseguests leave or having a dog stop by. The list goes on and on.

I bet that Macy will become more "stable" with time, just like Shyla has done.

Snowbrush said...

God, you might as well trade her for a cat. You get about the same level of affection with more less aggravation and a lot of useful features such as self-cleaning.

K9friend said...

That is so very true. It comes down to understanding each other, I think.

Critter Alley