Friday, June 28, 2013

The Magic Purple Dumbbell

I'm afraid I have not been doing a great job of exercising Mabel Lou. Other than the trip to Velvet's and a walk about in a local park where I didn't feel 100% safe.... our outings are limited to a morning ball toss down Granny's long driveway and an evening trip to see Bailey.

Bailey is a few months younger than Mabel and ... they don't play together and get into mischief like they did as pups. No, now that they are older, they prefer to "take turns." And their favorite toy is the Magic Purple Dumbbell. Magic? Yes, it's the only toy Bailey didn't destroy within seconds in his whole life. Seriously, it's probably five or six years old at least!

I toss the thing a until one of them tires of it. The minute the dumbbell is left unretrieved, the other pup claims it and I toss it until that dog tires...again and again. 

Bailey often finds Mabel too rambunctious and prefers to wait for her turn to be over from the comfort of his dad's recliner.

This is Mabel protecting "her" toy. Brat!

"Mom, dis is mine!"

She loves showing off for Bailey and doesn't release easily!

I love seeing Bailey boy in action...his little legs all a blur!

"Throw it Auntie, THROW IT!"


harrispen said...

Looks like you are all having fun playing with the magic purple dumbbell.


Duly Inspired said...

SO cute!!!

rottrover said...

Bailey looks possessed in that last picture!!!

Ruby said...

OMD! That IS Magic!! And, to wear out two's gotta have special powers!
Ruby ♥

GOOSE said...

Magic indeed! I still have the very first toy, a ball, that my MOM got me the day we came together over 13 years ago. Just something so special about it.