Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mom Got Her Hair Did!

After MONTHS of begging, I FINALLY got Mom to color her hair back dark! I LOVE it!! I feel like I have my mommy back!

She had let her hair go gray because my sister asked her to. Patsy was so sick and her vanities made her deplore that strangers thought she and Mom were sisters and often, they thought Patsy was older! I think this the only awful thing my sister has ever done to my mother. But Mom did it willingly and lovingly.

And for some reason she feared coloring it. She kept having nightmares that it came our red...something this red-head didn't understand. What's wrong with red? Red is HOT! But for me it was a safety issue. Mom leads a higher risk lifestyle than I do. From her choice of neighborhood - the neighbor kid's bike was stolen while we were sitting on the front porch this week, calling the cops and yelling at the perp as it went down - to late nights in the casino. And I felt her hair made her a target. When her hair is dark, it's not so obvious just how old she is.

This is a shade or so lighter than she used to wear it and she's already wishing she had taken the plunge back to her old color. I'm just so happy to have her looking like her healthy self.

Speaking of which, I keep catching her with no walker! She swept the kitchen yesterday and hoed the garden and picked a dozen cucumbers today!


Millie and Walter said...

She looks happy with the new color. I hope you yell at here when she doesn't use the walker. Pushing it too soon can cause problems. I've been through a few of these joint replacements with my own parents.

Stay cool.


rottrover said...

Lookin' good, Granny! Really, it looks nice!

Mollie said...

Looking good Mom :) :) Have a wonderful day xxooxx

Mollie and Alfie

Ruby said...

She looks FABulous!!! And, she looks like she really loves it. That is what is important after all!
You tell your Moms to be careful without her walker, sometimes we think were more mobile than we are ready for!
Ruby ♥