Sunday, June 02, 2013

Not Normal by Any Stretch...

I had hoped I could be posting more here by June. As always, make plans and the Universe laughs.

Mom needs a hip replacement. Yes, my 90-year-old mother...who still cuts her 3/4 acre yard with a push mower... is tired of cutting her grass in bone on bone pain! Pistol that she is, she's getting herself a new hip! The fact that she's so active is what convinced her doc to do it.
 We miss this already (Mabel with Rottrover's Otto)

So Mabel and I are to be nurse maids in Louisiana for a whopping five weeks. I haven't spent that much time down South cumulatively in decades! And certainly not in the summer! I'm a wimp and Mom hates the A/C!

And, that's not all. My wonderful brother-in-law, who spent so much time taking care of my sister the last year and a half of her life, found out he's living with not one but TWO hernias! He will most likely have surgery while we're home.

And... as if that's not enough...I just found out I have cellulitis (the connective tissue kind; not the inflamed skin kind)  in my feet making standing and walking terribly painful again!

To make it even worse... I will have limited internet connection.... I promise, I'll visit your blogs as often as I can...

It's gonna be an interesting summer....


Dexter said...

Not the kind of action packed summer that one looks forward to. My parents, too, think that air conditioning is just plain wrong. But my sister installed a unit in their South Dakota house and they use it (and complain about it) so there you go. It sounds like your mom is a very young 90 so I'm guessing the surgery goes well.

Take care of yourself.

Mango Momma

GOOSE said...

Mowing at 90. A push mower at that. Impressive. Take it all one day at a time. We will send you good vibes and prayers.

Ruby said...

Isn't that always the case...just when life seems to calm down a bit, BAM!
Well, it sure sounds like the docs think your Moms will do FABulous with the surgery ~ trust me they wouldn't do it if they didn't have full confidence that she will do fine.
I TOTALLY feel for you and the south in the summer! Wows, I am such a wimp when it comes to humidity! Arid heat I can take, butt, yikes! Throw in humidity and I am a whimpering wuss! (oh, that was my Ma rantin', not me! BOL)
I'll keep my fingers crossed for your brother and your Moms, and for you to have everythings go smoothly!

rottrover said...

You BETTER read our blog while you're gone!! You know you love my wiggely butt!!

-Otto ( who gave that big rattler a WIDE berth!)

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Oh dear, when it rains, it pours. We hope things go well for all, but remember you won't be much good for others if you don't also take care of yourself.

We will miss you, but not forget.

Woos - Phantom. Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

harrispen said...

We hope Mabel can find a friend to play with at your mom's place. Sorry to hear you and your mom are not doing well. Both my parents have had numerous joint replacements (including one hip) and did well. Keep us posted when you can.