Saturday, June 29, 2013


Mabel Lou here. My mom and I must have done something really bad because we've been sent to hell -  otherwise known as Louisiana. Mom keeps saying were going home but the suitcases never get packed. It is so hot here, I've taken to shade baking. Note that there is only a tiny patch of sun on my body in this photo.

It's hot in the morning and hot in the middle of the night. Thursday night we were coming home from Bailey's and I saw some swamp critter breaking into my foodables!! I chased him but I lost my breath and couldn't find it again for hours! Mom said she felt like she was sleeping in a vibrating bed cause I was breathing so hard!

There's nothing to do here but sleep and try to keep my cousin Bailey in line. I try to supervise Mom when she waters Granny's garden and make sure my Granny does her walkies but that's about all the outside I can take. We did go to the park again and Mom thought I might take a dip in the shallow end of that thing she's calls a pond but it's too hot and muddy for my taste. I wouldn't even drink from it even though I was so hot! And we got word from our hiking buddies that my creek has dried up back home! Sheesh! Can't a pup get a break??

Keep me and my mom in your good thoughts and prayers...I hope I get to see my house again soon!


GOOSE said...

Sending those cooling good thoughts your way. It was 106 at my place yesterday.

Millie and Walter said...

Sorry you aren't having a good time. We hope Grandma is well enough for you to go home soon, but she is probably getting better because you are helping her do her walkies.

Millie & Walter

Dexter said...

Hang in there, princess. Momma used to hose Mango down when it got really hot. He didn't particularly enjoy the experience, but he did like the way he felt afterwards.


Ruby said...

OMD! Mabel, you do NOT look happy gurl!! I bets you miss the California-Heat, huh?! At least ours is a dry heat ~ I know, peeps make fun of the 'dry heat' thing, butt it makes a HUGE difference! It's 100 today, butts it's not tooooo bad. It was 70 and muggy a few days ago, and Ma thought she was gonna die! She HATES the humidity!
I feel for you guys!
Ruby ♥

rottrover said...

Yep! 108 and no creek. It sucks. We've found some spots with water and were going to the ponds tomorrow. We are lying on the tile floor in misery right now!


Ruby, Bart and Otto

Duly Inspired said...

Oh bless your heart, sweet girl! You and your sweet Mommy will be back to your creek very soon!