Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Last Duck Lunch

I'm not sure why I've put off sharing this duck video for so long. Maybe it was my fear of becoming a "duck blogger" or just my reluctance to admit I'm a serious duck lover. Or maybe it was withdrawals. I don't miss their mess and feeling like I need to supervise Mabel but... I do miss them! This was our last lunch... 7/03/12.


On a funny side note... over on YouTube they have an automatic transcription service. Click that button and read along... it's hilarious what it gets wrong and even more amazing what it get's right! Cad = Quack; I'm I'm seat a = Mamasita...You'll enjoy!

I'm certain Mallory still does flyovers and checks in. At first, I thought I must be hallucinating upon hearing an odd quack in the middle of the afternoon. But one day, I was working in the shop and Mabel was snoopervising. I know she heard it too!

It would appear, this relationship is only just getting started...


harrispen said...

Mallory and her crew are lucky to have you for a friend. I'm sure she will be back next year to enjoy your hospitality.


JanelDudleyBeads said...

That is so cool they come when you call!

rottrover said...

They've gotten so big!