Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not My Duck

OMD! Mabel Lou is right... this HAS become a dang duck blog!

Yesterday, the bestie and I went out to Westlake to visit her mother-in-law on the island. I noticed some large Canadian honkers were fleeing the canal behind grandma's house, crossing the road through a  vacant lot to get to the other part of the lake. And then I saw her... a mamma mallard was also coming out of the water and climbing the hill to the road.

It seems there was a large motor-barge skimming the lake. Normally only electric vehicles are allowed on the lake - but work boats are the exception. The loud motor was scaring the birds.  The mallard came close to me. I kept telling her it would all be fine; that she was safe. Just then a neighbor across the street opened his door to get his mail and his dog started barking. The mallard freaked! Again, I told her she would be fine, that the dog could not get her.

Just as she calmed again, the barge started to our side of the canal.  I told her she should go back to where she was fishing. "Come, let's go this way." And she followed me!

At that point, Grandma emerged with several slices of bread and the duck was no longer afraid of the barge!  Grandma tossed the duck a few morsels and went and got on her boat to feed a mother swan and her three HUGE babies.

I took a piece of bread and this is what happened next.

Don't tell Mallory, OK???


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

How fun! You have a new calling:)

rottrover said...

The duck whisperer!!

Mango said...

Is that a swan? You tell your mom that she cannot trust swans. They will be all nice and then they go mental fits and chase you and peck at you. For real!


Duly Inspired said...

YOU are the best! And? After watching this, I'm convinced that my Cheyenne is a duck. ;-)

Scritches to Mabel...