Saturday, July 07, 2012

Digging for Treasure

Our Aussie friend Atila or 'tila boy has a remarkable prey drive. This differs from Mabel's prey drive in that hers is about the chase whereas 'tila is looking for a meal! (Ewww!) 'tila discovered there were rats living in a trash pile at the creek and managed to convince his human to actually hike with a shovel to help him discover more rats! Some of the pack rats actually line their homes with cactus splinters so that shovel comes in handy! 'tila dives in and points and his human digs.

Sometimes, Bart "helps."
 And what does our heroine do while all this digging is going on??? Why, she snoopervises, of course!

About the only good thing about the Rangers taking over our beloved trails is... they cleaned up all the trash!

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