Saturday, November 12, 2011

Horse Corral at Angeles National

I may live near the metropolis of Los Angeles but I actually live in the boonies... Our little mountain town  has one main drag and is only 10 square miles. So a shindig at the golf course makes for a good Friday night!

The bestie and I went out to the corral opening at Angeles National a few weeks ago. She insisted we dress up. I do as I'm told even though some part of me suspected we would be grossly overdressed for a horse crowd. We were!

The golf course has built a corral for folks on horse trails that might want to stop into the restaurant or bar (or play a round?). I made a new best friend while we were there. Meet Dotty:
I had some serious bonding with her... she just kept staring at me. Finally, we met her owner who let me pet her and feed her carrots!

The golf course has water and carrots and apples for the horses.

For the people, they installed video cameras that feed to the tv screens in the clubhouse so they can see what the horses are up to!

After photo ops and speeches, there was a barbeque dinner. Fun times in a small town!


Gretchen said...

Is that the golf course right by the wash? AND why didn't you post a picture of you dressed uo???

Maggie Mae said...

Small towns usually know how to have fun! Dotty is a beauty. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Max says thanks fur da warm welcome to Blogville

Duly Inspired said...

What an awesome idea! I'm liking your small town more and more.