Friday, March 25, 2011

Dangerous Dunk

I had a horrible accident with Mabel on Thursday. I took her to my physical therapy because the arroyo that we love is nearby. I thought it would be a nice midday break to go to the doc and have a nice hike.

Except, it's been really raining a lot here. Lots of visible snow in our mountains too! Mabel was so happy to be there, she leaped out of the car and dashed off into the woods! I caught up with her and started shooting some pics with my new camera that I'm trying desperately to learn how to use.

We took one of our favorite trails and quickly found the road washed out. I was sort of amazed and shooting some photos of the flood as Mabel just mucked about trying to figure out why the water was there. Note that the road is a good foot above the stream bed behind Mabel.

Mabel stepped into the shallow water...we could see the bottom here. Mabel is always very cautious around fast moving water. I've only had one incident with her as a puppy. I assumed she would sniff the shallow water a bit and we would choose another trail. 

At that moment, I decided to put my lens cap on and look for a long stick to see how deep the water was. I looked down for a second and heard frantic splashing! I screamed in horror to see Mabel Lou going under and being washed down the stream! And just as fast, she found a foothold on the far shore. Her front was on land...but she struggled and struggled for what felt like eternity to get her hind footing. 

Feeling utterly helpless, I took the lens cap off and started documenting her struggle as I knew she would make it. 

As she fought to get her hind legs under her, I kept yelling encouragement...something I've always done whenever she was unsure or fearful. "YOU CAN DO IT BABY! KEEP GOING...YOU'LL GET THERE!!" She kept trying and finally made it onshore for a good shake.

She let out a loud cry as she surveyed the whole four foot chasm between the island I was now on and where she was. 

There is nothing I hate worse than to hear my baby cry. She whimpered as she looked around. She came to the edge sizing up that water as I shouted, "NO! NO!" Knowing that she had figured this out on her own before, I decided she must need a little Mama help this time. 

Just to my left, the stream was much slower but it was maybe 20 feet wide instead of four. There was lots of underbrush...which meant two different things to me. Either it would give her safety to climb or the water could pin her against them and suck her under.  

I frantically started shouting and pointed about 30 feet in where the water was wider still and super calm. "Go! Go!! Go up there! There, Girl! GO! She cried some more but took off into the brush. I held my breath as I realize she didn't go as far in as I wanted her to. But she was coming to me!
The brush was so thick...I had to point her out!  She continued to cry the whole time she was working her way back to me. I was so happy when I could finally see her!

Still crying, I could see she was shaking too! She wanted to get to me as bad as I wanted to get to her! 

I kept yelling encouragement and telling her how good she was. And she kept whining and plodding closer.

Finally, I could grab my girl. Check out her nose! And the fur on her head is soaked. 

She let me hold her and she cried and complained. I headed in the direction of the car for towels and blankets. And what did our heroine do? Was she ready for home and a long nap? Noooo! She took off chasing a rabbit. We had just arrived after all! She kept me running around after her for a good hour and a half! 


Duly Inspired said...

Oh my goodness, how terrifying for both of you! My heart is racing. Thank heavens she is okay! Smart girl you have there, very smart.

rottrover said...

OY VAY!!! Have you heard of 'phone-a-friend??'

MABEL!! Don't scare Auntie!!!

Knowing Mabel: "and this never happened..."


Snowbrush said...

Maybe the incident was more traumatic for Mom that for Mabel.

I don't often hear the local news, yet I know of two incidents in the last ten years in which an owner went in after a presumably drowning dog only to drown himself (once) and herself (the second time) after which the dogs made it to safety. Bonnie was swept downstream in the Willamette several years ago, and Peggy yelled for me to go in after her. Yeah, right. I was clothed, I never swim, and the current was fast. Obviously, Bonnie got out okay and made her way back upstream via the bank.

Mango said...

Super scary! I sure am glad you are both OK. What a good girl to listen to mom and find her way safely back.

Sending some giant hugs to both of you from all of us.


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Scary!!! We are glad this tale had a happy ending, but it must have frightened you so. And then to take off after a bunny - why Moms get gray hairs.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Priscilla said...

Oh dear, it was plain scary and my heart almost dropped out. Thank goodness that both of you were safe. I'm so glad that Marge was such a good girl that she listened to her mom's instructions, she was a brave girl too. Rotties are always brave and strong :))

Linda@VS said...

This would have SO freaked me out! Thank goodness Mabel was so brave.

K9friend said...

What a frightening experience! I'm so glad that Mabel was able to navigate her way back to you!


Tucker said...

Oh how scary. Mabel sure is brave. I'm glad she is ok.

woof -Tucker

Levi Mac said...

I am so glad to see that Mabel is ok! She had me scared for a minute...
Please give her a lick from me :)

the booker man said...

miss creekhiker!

ohmygoodness, me and asa and mama were on pins 'n needles and full of the nervosities readin' this story. we are so so so glad that miss mabel is a-okay!!

the booker man

Janet said...

isn't that just like a furkid? they're upset, you're upset, you want to make them feel better and it's "oh, look, something moving!" and they're off like nothing happened. They're blessed with short memories, aren't they?