Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hiking yesterday with Kat, Mabel and the little dogs, Twinkie and Frankie - we were all missing the Dalmatian, Linguini. Linguini was on her own hike with Kat's daughter.

Kat explained the trail Linguini was on to me: "You would love it. In the spring after the rains, there is a stream to cross every 20 feet or so. Mabel would have a blast there!"

She later adds: "It's a probably a two hour hike but I'm not sure cause I got lost coming out and it took four so it's either a two or four hour hike. But with all the water and shade, you would just love it!"

And so I asked her how to get there.

"You take the 210 East. You exit somewhere and then turn North on Lincoln. You drive up and around the mountain (waving her arm in large circle for clarity), park and hike in. "

Funny thing is, I know where that is!


Snowbrush said...

"Funny thing is, I know where that is."

Lucky you! The sweeping arm movement must have been crucial.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh Snow! It WAS!!

Anonymous said...

You actually found it?? wow!