Sunday, August 30, 2009

Station Fire Update - Crazy from the Heat

Ash and Oleanders in the driveway.

I was a little stir crazy after so many days shut in the house. As the Hiking Buddy says: "This ain't Chicago...we live with our doors and windows open around here." And it's true. All of my dog friends keep their back doors open so the pups can come and go at will. And this week has been so hard...

So we went sightseeing. HB was a little stir crazy herself having just come from the grocery store...too many people. I promised a quick loop, Mt. Gleason to see Alpine, around to the creek and home. I had already heard the creek was burning and it looked like Alpine was on fire from my porch.

We got to Alpine and were turned away...the road was blocked. We circled back to hit the creek from the south side. We were immediately stuck in traffic and could see heli-drops hitting the mountain beyond the north side of the creek. We weren't the only ones crazy from the smoky, shut-in, one hundred degree plus days! So many people were on the dead end street where I park... I'm so used to having it all to myself... I struggled to stop and take a picture. Some of the looky Lous (with Alpine burning in the background):

And the reverse:

This next one is of the fire hitting Alpine Village area:
And this is the fancy, gated community behind the creek where I hike:
These next two were taken later in the evening from my back porch. The mountain at the creek lit up like crazy right after dark.

And this is Alpine again
At one point, I counted 12 hot spots from the porch. It's quieted down but I can still see several burning. And the wind is kicking up...


Duly Inspired said...

This is terrible looking! Please be careful. You and your pup are in my thoughts.

Linda@VS said...

Scary, scary!

Snowbrush said...

I guess that would be the fire that doubled in size last night. Wow, I am so sorry you're having to suffer from the smoke, heat, and closures.