Friday, July 24, 2009

Guarding Her Treasure

Mabel loves bones... but not just any bone. In fact, when I give her marrow bones, she buries them and never seeks them out again. Her favorite bones are ones that have been slightly used, (Eeewwww!) preferably by pack buddies, Hank or Sue.

We popped in at their house last night to share some cookies I had made and within minutes, I realized Mabel was no where to be found. This could be trouble as my hiking buddy feeds stray kitties at night. We went looking and found her curled up on the "bone rug" in the living room having a go at this really large bone.

After a few minutes, I told Mabel it was time to leave. Most of the time, Mabel will look longingly at a bone and then to her "Auntie," seeking permission to take the bone home. But not last night. In one swift movement, she picked up the end of the bone and tucked her though she were hiding the bone. Auntie did give Mabel permission but by that time, Mabel was at the gate. I let her out and she raced toward the car.

Then, silly girl couldn't figure out how to get in with such a long bone. She let me take it from her and I threw it into the car and she followed.

At home, she dashed out the back of the jeep and raced into the backyard. She curled up in the grass and stayed there working on the bone well past dark. Then she moved to her back porch bed.

Around eleven, I went out for a swim and she brought her treasure to the edge of the pool where she kept working on it while I swam. When I announced it was bedtime, she stood there looking at me and then at her bone.

"Well, bring it inside!" I said. I knew she was afraid some critter would come steal it!

She picked it up and dashed into the house and actually "hid" it by tucking it under the edge of her living room bed.

This morning, as soon as the bedroom door was opened, she raced down the hall to check on her bone.

And here she is, just a few minutes ago... guarding her treasure.


Donna C. said...

Holly, I love your creekhiker posts! And Mabel is so cool :)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Thanks Sweet Donna! I worry about her getting older... I noticed SO much more gray in these photos!

Hope the weekend is good to you!

Lauren said...

That is so sweet. :)

Lauren said...

That is so sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

She's a cutie batoody!

Snowbrush said...

Mabel looks very peaceful in the top photo, esp. I have often seen such an entranced look in the eyes of dogs with a bone.

rottrover said...

She may be getting grey, but what a puppy-face in the second photo. What a character!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about the video! Please let me know if it works for you now. Carmon

PS - Mabel and Coli have that bone thing in common.

Words Between the Spaces said...

Mabel's a real sweetie! My Argos just turned 11, but he's a yellow Lab, so not much gray is showing. He loves his treats, actually he lives for treats. I guess he takes after me. Your blog is a treat for me!