Thursday, July 30, 2009


I took another day-cation yesterday. Mabel Lou and I went up to my torch buddy Kris' house.

Kris has a new puppy, a Boston terrier named Bolt. At first, I thought he wanted to eat me alive... he growled and barked and not in a nice way. But her kids, Madison and Jordan, had asked me to bring Mabel and I figured if Bolt and the girl didn't get along, we could just put them in different parts of the yard.

So I leashed up Mabel and made the introduction. Oy! Not a reason in the world to be concerned! My girl played so gently with Bolt. He loved rough-housing with her! She would just stay on the ground and every once in a while pin him but she did it more with the side of her face. She clearly did not want to threaten or frighten her new bud. Mr. Bolt decided I was pretty cool after all, especially since I came with the ever-so-cool-new-bestest-buddy Mabel!

Kris and I torched while the kids and fur-kids romped. The temperatures were so cool that we got to stay in the studio for hours - a rarity this time of year!

Then Kris' hubby made us lunch...such a treat for me. When you live alone, someone preparing food for you is really something! Afterwards, we hit the pool. Kris has a kid-safe fence all around her pool and originally, we left the dogs outside it. But it became apparent that Miss Mabel HAD to be near the kids.

When my godson and friends come to my pool, Mabel paces round and round. She will do this for hours with no water break... she just keeps "counting heads" like some weird Momma dog! And she did the same thing with Kris' kids... she would not take her eyes off Jordan or Maddy! Mabel ran round and round that pool to get closer to them. Being a strange pool to her, she lost her footing and we had one very wet, freaked-out rotty! She panicked and swam toward me, eyes all wild with fear. She managed to get halfway out of the pool but was afraid to lunge forward because her face was in the safety fencing. I swam in behind her and shoved her booty higher and she was right back to racing around the pool, checking on the kids!

We were home before sundown but happy with our change of scenery, grateful for good friends that live so close!


Becky said...

I just finished babysitting Luke's cat for a week and now I'm babysitting Noah until Sunday. Louie has not come out from under our bed for over a week now, only at night when everyone is asleep. That is the only time that he wants some love and demands it by purring on my head. Between that and Noah getting up at 5-6am, I exhausted!

Snowbrush said...

"When you live alone, someone preparing food for you is really something!"

I've heard that it's the same way when you have someone else to drive when you go somewhere. I was married at 22, and am now 60, so being single is something that I've never really experienced.

I enjoyed reading about your visit.

Snowbrush said...

I commented, but have no idea what happened to it since I didn't get the usual message about it awaiting your approval, so I'm doing this as a test.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Snow, I get an email and then approve or reject.

When I wrote more political stuff (taken down for my never-ending job hunt!), I used to get three page rants from people with opposing views.

I'm really don't give a rats behind about a different opinion from mine BUT... 1) be brief or get your own damn blog. 2) Don't fill your comment with link after link to propaganda websites. 3) Don't go on a lengthy rant about a blog post from MONTHS ago.

So I started approving posts... I only reject a few for reasons listed above.

Snowbrush said...

"Snow, I get an email and then approve or reject. "

I know. I didn't the usual message saying what I had written was awaiting your approval.

I originally started approving messages so I would catch the ones that were to old posts, but I have also refused one message because it was just too nutty, and I refused a great many others because they were off topic, and I didn't want my readers to be burdened with them.

Snowbrush said...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day for everyone! and I bet Mabel slept really well after being on baby-playing and guard duty all day. Are you sure she doesn't have some shepherd in her?

Duly Inspired said...

I love how she's so protective and watchful. Oh, and loyal!