Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy Driver

Have you ever been cruising along, just enjoying your day, when suddenly some crazy-in-too-big-of-a-hurry is running up your backside? You speed up; they speed up. You slow down; they get pissed. And you wonder, Why don't they just go ahead and pass me?

It happens to me daily. Only that crazy "person" is my dog! Keep in mind that many of the trails I hike are wide enough for a car and most are wide enough for two large humans to walk side by side (Much less a large human and a skinny dog!).

But daily, the little witch will breathe down the back of my legs, audibly groaning at my pace, and yet she will not pass me unless, I step aside! Once I step off the main trail, she dashes ahead, happy as can be....until I catch up and suddenly, she's behind me, huffing her displeasure.

Kinda makes me miss rush hour traffic!

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Anonymous said...

You just gotta love their little quirks!