Thursday, October 16, 2008

Simple Math

Wind storm + fires nearby = Blowing Ash.

Wind storm + fall leaves + blowing twigs = Debris Everywhere.

Pool + Blowing Ash + Debris Everywhere = One Big Freaking Mess.

One Big Freaking Mess + Overly sensitive pool equipment = Too much of Creekhiker's Time.

Impending Art Show + Smaller booth = More time needed to consolidate beads = One stressed out Creekhiker.

One hot day + One stressed out Creekhiker + Work on pool + make & organize beads + look for a "real" job = one really bad mood.


One hot day + One stressed out Creekhiker + day spent goofing off at horse jumping show followed by lunch and shopping (for art booth materials and dog food) with girlfriends and our favorite Chihuahua = one relaxed Creekhiker ready to take on challenges of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

One Ordinary Janet + the news that Creekhiker is okay - sympathy for mess + thankfulness Ordinary Janet doesn't have to clean that up = a happy Ordinary Janet!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Creekhiker and Mabel LOVE it when our Janet is happy!

Anonymous said...