Friday, October 31, 2008

Howl O Weeeen!

We interrupt this regularly schedulee "tree" post (more on that in a few days!) to bring you aHowl o weeeen photo.

My Maggie May LOVED Halloween and she loved dressing up! Mabel hates it but Mags seemed to "get" it! She loved the kids coming to the door and was so jazzed on Halloween night.

The first year I had her, I dressed her as an angel. I'll never forget a little girl who came to our door. She didn't want candy. She wanted to hug Mags! To my and her parents amazement, she walked right past me to Maggie and rolled around my living room floor. After their embrace, she kissed Maggie and looked up at me and explained: "She's a doggie dressed as an angel and I'm an angel dressed as a doggie!" Smart kid!

Anyway, this is the only photo I can find of my favorite ghoulie partner, the dog who loved Halloween.


Anonymous said...

That's a sweet story and photo! We're not giving out candy, Spot always barks at the doorbell and scares the little kids to death, and anyway this neighborhood has been going downhill for years so I'm afraid to answer the door. It's too bad, I remember how it was when I was a kid.

Linda@VS said...

What a cutie. She looks so comfortable and confident in her costume.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I WAS NOT going to buy is tight. I ended up in Costco to get a scrip today and bought a bag and... it's been dark for over an hour and I've had FOUR Treaters! UGH!


Velvet, Very perceptive...she loved her costumes. In addition to the witch and angel, I know I dressed her as a cheerleader one year. She was such a blast!