Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a Big Ole' Baby

With my fair skinned, Irish complexion, I will bruise if someone looks at me too hard! I've finally trained my hiking buddy not to hit my arm when she's talking. It hurts and frequently leaves a bruise.

My mom stayed mad at me for ages after she realized I suddenly had some errand to run every time a certain friend of hers came over. She didn't realize I was black and blue every time I was within touching distance of this woman.

I constantly keep some kind of bruise on my body. I ran into the key in the back door; bruise on the arm. Digging in the garden; bruise on my leg.

But even I was surprised at the welt left by my flu shot. I've never gotten one before. Years ago, I had a boss get one and she became so ill, she nearly died! I swore them off.

But, two bouts of bronchitis and one pneumonia in the past year and a half has changed my attitude! So last Friday, I got both the flu shot and the pneumonia (dosage: once every five years under age 65). Guess I'm growing up from that kid who would freak at the sight of a needle!

After two days, this is the area around my flu shot:

Pretty freaky, huh? The dark red point is the needle entry, followed by a huge (larger than a silver dollar) oval, raised puffy area which is hot and tender. And those blue veins are new! My sister reassures me that this happens to her every time and I'll probable be fine in a day or two.

And, sorry for the blurry image but you try taking a discreet photo of your own posterior!


Anonymous said...

I get mine in the arm! I got one yesterday and my arm is hurting today, I haven't looked at at the site yet but I don't think it's swollen. It's not as bad as a tetanus booster-now that's a week of hell.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I can't believe the reaction I've had to it! It's still swollen and warm and I don't' think those blue veins are going away anytime soon!

And now you've really scared me! I haven't had a tetanus since childhood! I thought about getting one but...my doc knows me and my fragile skin. They won't give me one in the arm. And I didn't have enough cheeks! LOL!

Linda@VS said...

Ouch, that looks tender!

Can't resist commenting that you've outdone me with this post: I've shown my a$$ more than once with what I've written on my blog; but you've shown yours with a picture. ;-)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, I was worried I might've crossed a line with that but it's really my hip and only about 2 square inches total. Hope I didn't offend anyone.

I'm really stunned at how it looks and feels!