Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cop Out: A laugh, a Smile and a Tear.

I was thinking about the time I really starting following blogs and one of my favorite bloggers, Velvet Sacks, blogged every day that November. She has vowed to do that again and I'm hoping to do the same. That being said, I had already started this post which is a cop out of sorts!

I was feeling a bit guilty over my lack of posts...only four for October! And I thought I would point you to a few of my favorite quick posts.

Becky put up video I almost didn't watch thanks to the title, something along the lines of Korean baseball players fighting. I HATE fighting in sports and if I were the [insert pro sport of choice] commissioner, one punch would have the player suspended for two weeks without pay + $10,000 fine. The 2nd punch would double it and the third??? Banned from the league!

After watching this hilarious video, I think instead we should start teaching American kids to handle their anger in this way. Check it out! I promise, you'll laugh!

If you don't have time to watch a video, check out this photo over on Daily Coyote. I absolutely adore the way the grown coyote is on guard while his puppy girlfriend sleeps. I'm certain it will make you smile.

And, if you have a little more time and don't mind an emotional post, check out this one on my bead blog. It started out to be a breezy little post about my Lest Beads Group's breast cancer promotion on Etsy. I ended up pouring out my heart about my sister's illness and I'm terribly proud of the post. You may shed a tear or two but you'll certainly know me a bit better.


Linda@VS said...

Thanks for the links and for joining me in the everyday-posting challenge. I'll greatly appreciate the company.

Becky said...

I found it so refreshing. Can you imagine that happening in the U.S? I can only wish. Miss you!!!

I'm learning a new craft. It's called Chilbo (Korean form of enameling). I see an addiction growing.