Saturday, September 06, 2008

Why I Hate Cleaning

I keep a very untidy house. Hey, I live alone and the dog doesn't complain (most of the time). As someone recently pointed out to me, I am basically the CEO, Head of Marketing, Art Director, Web Designer, Copy Writer, Stamp Designer, Head of Purchasing, Bead Maker, Jewelry Designer, Chief Cook and Dog Bowl Washer and Accountant for five different businesses! No wonder I'm tired.

(In case you are keeping track: I still produce and bid for production companies, I freelance write for other companies as well as my own, I teach community education, I design and sell rubber stamps and I make beads and jewelry. Count 'em...five jobs!)

If I have a choice between cleaning and doing something that might bring in some income, I choose the income. That's not to say if my choice were a nap or cleaning... I'd take the nap...but as I pointed out, I'm freaking tired!

With all of the above as a disclaimer, there's yet another reason I hate cleaning: I never get DONE! One thing ALWAYS leads to another. (OH MY GOD! I have become my mother!!!)

Example, a month ago, I went away to a bead show. Thanks to the earthquake we had the week before, when the power came back on, I failed to notice I set my bedroom clock exactly 12 hours off. So instead of waking up at 5:45 a.m., taking Mabel to the creek and getting on the road early and calmly, I was frantic from the time I awoke (8:30). And in my haste to get away, I locked Mabel in the house and forgot to take keys to both babysitters!

Both ended up breaking in my house. While the BFF left no trace of having broken in, my other babysitter opted to break in to my office, knowing that she could stand on my desk after climbing in a window.

This knocked my curtains off the wall and as my ceiling fan was on and it was dark, the curtain was on my desk when I returned.

As I went to hang it, I noticed how dusty it was and realized the last time it was washed was right after I moved in and my mother took on that chore. So I wash and dry and iron. Again, hanging the curtain, I notice the blinds... filthy. I vacuum. Still nasty.

I go to the paint store and buy TSP (trisodium phosphate... the wonderful ingredient in Mr. Clean but far cheaper at the paint store!). I fill my bathtub with warm water and soak and then scrub all four blinds. I hung them on my clothesline to dry. They look like new.

I'm about to hang a pair and notice cobwebs in the corner. I dust and vacuum the walls and ceiling. Only, now I think the paint looks dull... See where I'm going???

Quite frankly, I'd rather live with the mess! UGH!


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Anonymous said...

yup, I know that one-thing-leads-to-another bit. That's why I've held off any major cleaning around here!

Linda@VS said...

I'm of the opinion that you need a certain amount of dirt in your house to maintain your immunities. If you'd like to borrow that excuse, help yourself.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Major??? Mine always starts with something minor!

Velvet, I've always said that Mabel swimming in the dirty creek had something to do with her excellent health. Maybe it's my dirty house too!

Anonymous said...

with me, what starts out as minor often turns into major. And, my mom has wanted me to wash the kitchen walls for a few years now-it was postponed when I got appendicitis, then last year when I got my gallbladder out. So far, there's nothing to keep me from doing it, drat it all. I've been putting it off but it'll be done soon-as soon as the scab on my heel heals over completely! ;-)