Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gustav Power Outages

I am so thoroughly pissed at the national media for the coverage of Hurricane Gustav. New Orleans, SchmooOrleans! Talk about Baton Rouge! They took the hit!

My satellite provider had been broadcasting 24/7 from a New Orleans station allowing me to keep abreast of news from there but stopped in the middle of the night. While I have been able to reach family - some have cell phones that work; others can only be reached on a land line - they are suffering. THERE IS NO FREAKING POWER! It's 90 degrees in their homes. They all have fences down and have suffered roof damage. (That is, except my uncle in New Orleans. No damage; but no power.)

I nearly hit the panic button tonight when Entergy, the local lack-of-power provider updated their website to say my mother's parish will be without power until the 24th! But the local news in Baton Rouge has been telling people when the power is estimated to come on neighborhood by neighborhood. It is predicted that "most" people in my immediate family's area should have power by the 7th.

I have several cousin's in areas that will be back up on the 8th and 9th.

And for those of you who read Velvet's blog, her area is predicted to be down for 10 - 14 more DAYS!

And this is America!!!???


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Anonymous said...

I think most of the coverage was about NO because everyone wanted to know if NO would get wiped out like last time. Now they're talking about Hanna and Ike. I guess the storms that are going to hit are more newsworthy than the mess the last one left behind.

It's appalling that it's taking so long to get power restored!

Anonymous said...

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Linda@VS said...

Couldn't have said it better, Holly. I'm one of the lucky ones who got power restored by the fourth day, but so many others are still living in the heat and will be for a while. Not much fun in this part of the country.