Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Photo I Wish I Had...

I was reading comments on Velvet's blog and was reminded of another photo op I missed last year when I was in Baton Rouge.

My sister and brother-in-law were driving Mabel and I from Baton Rouge to the New Orleans airport. I know I've written about Mabel's weird greyhound legs and how, when she sits, her knees grind on her ribcage. So she always looks for a way to sit higher than ground level so she can extend her hind legs. (That was what she was up to in the "Menu Please" section of my previous post.)

When loading the van, my brother-in-law forgot how she is and blocked off my luggage with her crate leaving her without a "seat." He had folded the remaining bucket seat down making it too high for Mabel.

We were a good thirty minutes out of Baton Rouge when Mabel starting looking around. I knew immediately she was trying to figure out where to sit. I knew I was in trouble when she looked my seat up and down and literally pushed me over toward the wall of the van with her booty!

In true dog mommy fashion, I rode the rest of the way with one (considerable) butt cheek hanging off the seat so that Mabel could share half the seat with me. And yes, my back needed an adjustment when I got home!

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Anonymous said...

The things we do for our dogs!

I've sat with my foot slowly going numb under Spot's weight so that I wouldn't disturb him. I stood it as long as I could before gently removing my foot. And I can think of other discomforts I've endured in order to accommodate him. :-)