Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Screening the Sun

I've learned quite a bit about South Korean culture reading my friend Becky's blog. For instance, South Korean's actually think you can die sleeping under a fan. It's known as "fan death"... go ahead, Google it!

I've slept under a fan for most spring, summer and fall seasons my entire life. That would average out to around 33 years (3/4 of 44) and, at this moment, there are seven fans running in my house and studio. Most of those came on back in the spring and have not been shut off yet. I guess I'm still cheating death.

Another interesting tidbit is that South Korean women wear their bras outside their t-shirts. I'm a person that tries her very best to avoid a bra at all costs. I find them painful. I'm adept at taking one off while traveling at high speeds on a freeway. And I NEVER wear an underwire; I'm secretly convinced it has something to do with breast cancer. But I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear a bra on top of my shirt!

But the one South Korean habit that confounds me the most is sunscreen. They wear it constantly, even under dark clothing while working indoors. When Becky first published a blog on this, she polled her American friends. Without fail, none of us wear it on a regular basis.

I started polling my friends. Same results, only I asked them Why don't you wear it? All had the same answer! The smell. We all hate the smell of sunscreen!

As someone who hikes outdoors daily, I know I should wear sunscreen. As a fair skinned, freckle faced red head of questionable Scotch-Irish descent, I have no doubts about what I should do. But, as a girl with a super sensitive nose, I just can't!

Wearing sunscreen has to meet two criteria: 1) Will I be outdoors long enough to burn? and 2) Do I have time to shower afterwards? If I don't have time to get the stench off of me, I will risk a burn. So will my friends.

That is, until I confessed all this to my ever resourceful BFF. She knew of a sunscreen that didn't smell! So now I can do the right thing... but I'm NOT wearing it indoors and under clothing!

{I know some of you will email so the product is Solbar Avo SPF 32. It's made by a local company in Glendale, CA. Here's the Link.}


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Becky said...

Hey! I miss you! We need to talk soon. I'm taking the maedeup test Oct. 5th so I'm practicing like crazy. Curt's in Taiwan and China for two weeks so I'm talking to myself A LOT!

Anonymous said...

I hate bras too, and avoid them whenever I can. I recently bought a (cheap) underwire and immediately trashed it, I couldn't stand it. The only thing I like about winter is I can get away without wearing a bra under layers of T-shirt/sweatshirt/coat. Never tried taking one off while driving on the freeway! and I cannot imagine wearing a bra on the outside of my shirt. The state of my bras alone would make it even more embarrassing.

I don't mind the smell of sunscreen-Aveeno smells pretty good-but like you, I decide if I have time to take a shower to wash it off, because I use the sweat-resistant stuff and it's a bitch to wash off. And I'm fair-skinned, freckled and red headed, and I do have several little skin cancers I keep an eye on, so when I'm gonna be outside for more than 15 minutes I try to remember to put the glop on.

This was fascinating stuff, I'll have to visit Becky!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...


Bras with underwires are not a total waste IF you cut the wire out! Cut a tiny snip over the wire at the breast bone, expose the wire and yank! I saved some nice yet annoying bras this way! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have one more underwire in my drawer-its only service so far is being shoved out of the way when I look for a more comfortable (ha!) bra. I'll have to try removing the wire.

We should be thankful we don't live in the whalebone corset era!