Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thunder needs Lightning Help

9/4, 5:11 p.m. Update: Thunder's owner wants nothing to do with him. HB took him to the vet. Doc says Thunder is looking the best he ever has! The vet said he would not put him down. He explained Thunder's prey drive as awakening and that he should simply be an on-leash dog and be allowed to live out his days in peace. We are hopeful that a friend who rescues older dogs will take him when her new home is ready in November.

URGENT update:
Thunder's original owner is considering putting him down. Please pass the word. This boy has a lot of love to give!

Meet Thunder. Thunder is a sweet boy of nine who was recently taken in temporarily by my Hiking Buddy (HB), mom to our Rhodesian packmates, Hank and Sue.

Thunder is a special needs boy. He has lived most of his life in a poop filled yard with no shade. He is terrified of flies and has eaten his own tail off to cope with fly bites. He had rarely been walked, never groomed, never had a toy or a soft bed or shade or a bone. The only dogs he ever met attacked him.

We have brushed him, medicated his bites wounds (ears and haunches) and started walking him on leash in the neighborhood. In spite of some lameness in his hind legs and toenails that are way too long, he loves his walks!

But we are an off-leash pack… On our second walk off leash in the creek, Thunder wanted to take off. He would not listen…something he normally does quite well. Mabel and I kept a pace with him and he finally started looking around for the Rhodies and we all started out of the creekbed together.

There was a small schnauzer at the top of the levy and I saw trouble brewing. Thunder was “pecking” at the small dog and then grabbed him by the throat. There was quite a fracas getting him to let go. The schnauzer was wounded badly but is on the mend.

We sought out advice from my brother-in-law, the professional dog handler. He made us realize that Thunder is basically a crack baby in canine form. The abuse he took from other dogs and the neglect (no socialization, no walks, etc) from his owner makes him over-react when he senses something is wrong.

Yesterday on another walk in the mountains, the pack joined up with some other large dogs they know. One is much older and does a dominance humping thing. A normal dog may growl or walk away. When this dog humped Thunder, he pinned him to the ground by the neck… a clear over-reaction. (The other dog is fine.)

And I’m telling all of you about this boy because he breaks my heart. He’s sweet and kind to humans but he needs to live in a situation where he is the ONLY dog. He can be walked but needs to be muzzled. And he’s lived peacefully with cats his whole life.

I’m hoping that my circle of dog lovers will get the word out to their circle of dog lovers at lightning speed so that this senior citizen can enjoy a few good years of peace and shade and love. Just because you don’t fit the requirements of Thunder’s needs, please pass this link along. You never know who might be able to help this boy who just needs one good break!

So please help me spread the word.

Thunder Tidbits:
Shepherd mix
Kind to cats
Has lived with a toddler
Needs to be the only dog
Loves to walk on leash or off
Requires muzzle when walking near other dogs.
Loves people
Likes to sleep in late
Would be ideal to find him a home in the greater Los Angeles area or Southern California and needs a forever home.

Please, if you are the one to help Thunder, email me at the link on the right. Thanks!


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vonna said...

I posted on both of my blogs for you ~ I am sorry I can't do more for him.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Vonna, Just spreading the word is so helpful! I'm forever grateful to my extended glass and blogger families for doing that for him.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I hope someone takes him. Be sure to update us!

Duly Inspired said...

Oh my gosh, what a heart-breaking story. Bless you, and him.