Monday, August 11, 2008

Nobody Asked Me Part Two - An Open Letter to Ivan Seidenberg

Dear Mr. Seidenberg (CEO of the WORST phone company in the world, AKA Verizon),

Brother, Can you spare 12 hours?

Do you have 12 hours in your busy schedule to spare? No? Well, neither do I. Yet your phone company seems to think nothing of asking for a 12 hour block of time so that your technician may or may not show up to fix my slow-as-molasses internet connection. And they even have the gall to tell me that I will be billed if the tech shows up and I'm not home.

What about 22??

Do you have 22 hours to spare??? No? Well, you guessed it, neither do I. I actually have to work for a living as I have phone bills to pay. Yet that is how long I've spent cumulatively on the phone with your incompetent technicians... an my internet STILL is not fixed.

Nobody asked me, but, is this any way to run a company? If my service were so bad, I would be out of business. I think you can and more importantly should do better by your hardworking, paying customers.

Shouldn't you respect our time as much as you respect your own??


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Anonymous said...

I'd switch providers. That's the only way you can get even with those people. I cannot believe they'd have the nerve to bill you if you're not there. They know they've got people by the short hairs, don't they?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Verizon is the ONLY provider...Now I think we do have some weird overlay with Comcast.

My mom was an integral part of the divestiture of AT&T and the baby Bells on a state level. She always said we were giving up service.

Yes, our bills are cheaper but the divestiture was created to make MORE competition yet there is none here.

Becky said...

Customer service has gone down the tubes in the U.S. Maybe I shouldn't say that, I haven't been there since December.

Anonymous said...

I recommend leaving a flaming bag of doggie poo at the door of that company!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Becky, It's gotten worse


Janet, That's just it... there is no doorstep anymore. They all work out of non-descrip buildings. No signs.

The techs... all nice guys and most live around here ... work on MY BLOCK! But it's not THEIR fault the company has such crappy policies. I'm a firm believer that shit rolls down from the top!


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