Friday, April 11, 2008

Breaking My Heart

As I left for work yesterday morning, my girl's pouty face just broke my heart. Her sad eyes wondering how I could leave her / why she couldn't go with me seemed to send daggers into my chest.

She watched me back out of the driveway, slowly walking toward the car. I shut the gate, backed into the street and waited. I could see her little feet under the gate, waiting to see if I was really leaving. I sat there idling, waiting to see if she would give up and go inside. Knowing this was a battle of wills that I would lose, I drove away.

All the way to work, I wondered, if it's this hard for me, how to people with human kids do this every day???


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Anonymous said...

When I go someplace I can't take Spot with me, it breaks my heart to see his little face in the window looking at me in the car. Sometimes I don't look at the house when I leave. Maybe that's what people with human kids do.

Anonymous said...

I hate going off and leaving the dogs! Not so bad in the summer when I can leave the door open for them and they can find endless outside entertainment. We were gone six hours yesterday and they must have been tired because the house was undisturbed when we got home...that or Ellie found the keys to the Toyota and took everyone for a joy ride!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I think you're on to something - if you don't see it,maybe it's not so bad. That doesn't work here though as Mabel has access to the gated driveway and I'm always worried she's going to go through the gate.

Carmon, I hate it too! It's going to kill me to finally get a "real" job!

Linda@VS said...

Have you considered getting Mabel a companion? Butch and Kadi couldn't care less when I leave to go to work each day. It's a different story on evenings and weekends (can't figure out how they know the difference), and if one goes with me and one stays behind, there's REAL hell to pay.

P.S. Where are you? You're as slow about updating your blog as I am. Hope everything's okay.