Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've had so much going on and too little time to blog and instead of a post about any one thing... here's a summary:

Lack of Funds Desperation: I was freaking out about money or lack of because I had a $3K property tax bill when out of the blue I got a job bidding commercials. As I am extremely overpaid to do this work, it was quite a blessing even though I was only booked for a few days. I grossed over half my tax bill. Yeah!

Worry Flurry: I should've been suspicious when my mom volunteered to go see a doctor. But, I was busy working and didn't give her, "Oh you know I was so sick with that cold and couldn't get into a doctor cause I don't have one so, if I get one while I'm well, it'll be better the next time I'm sick, " routine a second thought.

Turns out she had one of her bad dizzy spells that makes her certain the aneurysm in her head is bursting. It wasn't... and now we know it hasn't changed size in the last decade either. Aside from her being very weak for a few days after the tests and an upcoming visit with a vascular specialist, she's still the busiest, hard-workingest 86 year-old I know.

Then there was the not as good news my sister got from her doc. Let's just say it's menopause related and she's not happy but she'll deal.

Testing, Testing: A few months ago, seeing that my business was going South, I decided to get certified to substitute teach as it pays decent here in LA LA land. No special educational requirements or degree...just pass the CBEST test. 1 part reading comprehension, 1 part math, and 2 essay questions. As luck would have it, the test was right in the middle of my working. No time to study. I did download the sample test, completed two reading problems, two math and looked over the essay. As I was out of time, I prayed that my once 146 i.q. was still somewhere in the neighborhood and hoped for the best.

Test day was a freaking zoo. Well over 500 people... that many people want to teach??? I was quite annoyed that our room number and seat number were buried in our confirmation numbers emailed to us. There were no signs to decode this bit of info and there were several deaf test takers with no one helping them.

It was also amazing that despite a warning about no cell phones allowed in the testing rooms, hundreds showed up with their phones and had to wait in line to leave them with CBEST employees.

Preparing to take the test took another 45 minutes with I.D. verification, thumbprinting, another cell phone check, removing water bottle labels etc. I finished the four hour test in three... I have no idea if that's good or bad...just glad it's over. I will get scores in a few more weeks.

Out of the nook: Mabel and I had a huge fight. After a wonderful hour and fifteen minute hike, she took off on me and it took me another hour to find her. I was furious and she knew it. We spent the next few days tap dancing around each other and each of us generally ignoring the other. She would still sleep with me but way on the foot of the bed.

I refused to take her to the creek and instead went out to dinner and a funny movie alone. We finally ventured back to the creek with the Rhodie pack tagging along as unofficial supervisors. The girl did fine and we seem to be making up.

Who knew having a temperamental dog could be just like fighting with a loved one? Ick!

My Harshest Critics: Being back in the commercial field played quite a few games on my psyche. I spent every work day telling myself what an idiot I was and picking apart every thing I did. To make it worse, I had a class to teach my first day at work which made the workday thirteen hours long.

In spite of have extra students show up late and disrupt the class and having four people just not understand wire wrapping, I felt like I had done a good job and remained calm. Yet, the next day, I realized one of my students had stolen tools from me. When I called her on it over that weekend, she ended up calling the school the following Monday and picked apart my teaching techniques (and she was NOT one of the ones having trouble!). It's like, I can't steal from you so I'm going to tell your boss what a bad teacher you are! UGH!

The two experiences together just leaves me wondering if I'm fit for public consumption. I've spent so many years working alone and loving it, I'm simply terrified of being in the "real" world again. Most people just annoy the hell out of me. This post by Velvet pretty much sums up exactly how I feel.

Kudos to Lil' Ole Me?: Janet gave me the Gratitude with Attitude Award and even though I traced it back several blogs, I still don't get what it's for!!! But I'll pass it on anyway to Patrick and Becky. Many thanks to Janet for thinking I'm worthy!


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Anonymous said...

I traced that award back too and couldn't figure out what it's for. But I remembered I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, how many awards do I get? ;-)

Gee, you've had a lot going on! Hope your mom feels better and your sister doesn't have a hard time.

So you gave Mabel the silent treatment. Hope she learned a lesson, but knowing dogs, they forget.

I hope karma comes back for that student who stole your tools, and bites her on the ass!

How long is that teaching certification good for? It sounds like you'll get the results of the test just in time for school to let out for the summer.

Linda@VS said...

After reading this, I feel like a real whiner. You've had a *much* tougher time than I have over the past couple of weeks and lived to tell about it.

I'm glad your mom is okay, and I'll be shocked if your teacher test scores aren't good. As far as Mabel and the tool-thief go, shame on both of 'em.

Hang in there, Holly. I know exactly how you feel, but you and I both know the sun'll come up tomorrow.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Seriously, thanks for thinking of me... It's what got me to post again! The teacher cert lasts for quite a while. I'm just hoping to substitute anyway as I lived within walking distance of several elementary schools.

Velvet, Sounds like we've both had a rough few weeks. I have missed your wit and wisdom terribly. Shame and finger wagging passed on to Mabel!

Anonymous said...

Holly I sure feel for you! Been a bit worried with the lack of posts but figured you were burned out from being out in the world. Take care of yourself! Carmon

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Carmon, Sometimes I REALLY envy on your mountain with just the things you love around you.