Monday, March 31, 2008

And How Was Your Day?

Last Friday was craptacular, thank you very much!

First I need to explain that I am looking for work. My business has been really off since late fall (every one of my friends / neighbors who own a business say they same thing...something shifted last fall.) and I am suffering. I'm not even earning gas money for the car right now. The fact of the matter is, when people are struggling to afford gas and groceries, they don't "need" rubber stamps, glass tchotchkes or beads. So, I'm a girl with skills, I'll deal.

I'm going to skip the really gory details but here are the basics: I spent the entire morning waiting for a phone interview for a order taking job that I could work from home. Fifteen minutes past my interview time, I emailed and got an immediate response...they would reschedule some other time.

My afternoon was spent waiting for the teenage girl that works for me. Again, I wanted to be upbeat when she arrived... she sort of freaks when I'm distracted... so I didn't get one project on my list done. I just piddled until I realized she was an hour late. She made other plans and never called. UGH.

The creek, the source of my solace, was no picnic either. Let's just say it involved getting an ill hiker and his dogs home. He was so sick he had to lay down in the back of my jeep. This would not have been that bad if... his dogs hadn't stumbled on a homeless camp and eaten human feces right before we all loaded up. It was one very disgusting ride!

But all of that isn't what has me so pissed. It this job ad for a "Creative Associate: on Craiglist that got my dander up {The italics are my thoughts as I read the ad}:

"Looking for a creative associate to handle the development and production of web sites and tv/webshows, with an emphasis on sales. Sounds good so far right? They expect skills so they must pay, right?

Responsibilities include both personal UH OH.. and professional, including office work, answering
the phone, as well as personal errands Oh... so you're really looking for an assistant. Why didn't you just say so? and light childcare."

Childcare??? CHILDCARE???? WTF??????????? What the hell is light childcare? Either I'm responsible for the life of a child or I'm not. That is not a duty I take LIGHTLY. And furthermore, if I'd wanted to take care of kids, I would've had my own and not pawned them off on some unsuspecting person just trying to make a living that may not even have any childcare skills!

Yeah, I'm just fine in this job market...NOT! I think I'm going back to the creek to search out a spot to pitch my tent. At least the shit there doesn't come disguised as something else!


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Anonymous said...

OMG, human feces? EWWWW. I'd probably have given my dog an emetic if it were Spot. He certainly wouldn't be allowed to kiss me for a week or more. I hope that hiker is okay.

I wonder how many people are gonna apply for the job not having read the whole ad, or think that "childcare" and "personal" stuff will be a breeze, and then find out they're in a "Nanny Diaries" nightmare? BTW, nobody can do all that-sales, etc. while simultaneously picking up the boss' dry cleaning and trying to control the four-year-old kid.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I haven't seen my hiker friend since. He had promised to email some photos but hasn't. I need to stop by his house and see. He was GREEN when I left him!

My sentiments exactly. And in this job market, they KNOW everyone is looking and they can take advantage.

Linda@VS said...

What a terrible day! And what a delusional person who thought web development/TV stuff goes hand-in-hand with child care.

You aren't the first person I've heard complain about business fallling off in recent months. You have so much talent, and I hope you find something to do that will let you exercise your creative spirit.

Sending good wishes your way.